Anna Garcia's film Anna Garcia Does a One Woman Play, a work made possible through M-agination Film and an incredible team of FTVM students and alumni, is screening in three upcoming festivals, two of which are local: The Royal Starr Film Festival (Royal Oak, MI; Oct. 12-14, 2017); The Grand Rapids Feminist Film Festival (Grand Rapids, MI; Oct. 21, 2017), and the Orlando Film Festival (October 19-26, 2017). Watch the trailer here - and come out and support Anna if you can! 

About the film: The highly intense, overbearing and imaginative Anna Garcia arranges to do a one woman play, and to have a documentary made about herself doing the play. There’s just one problem: she doesn’t have a script or any idea what her play will be about. Watch as Anna desperately scrambles around Ann Arbor, trying to get other people to write her play as she pieces together her “chef d’ouevre.”