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ALA 225: Undergraduate Internship Course

In ALA 225, you'll become part of a cohort of Michigan undergrads interning in the U.S. and abroad. As part of the one-credit course, join an online community where you reflect on your internship experience, share insights, and hone your writing skills. Credit is earned via the academic requirements associated with the course.

For internship funding, please visit the LSA Internship Scholarship page to see how your virtual internship qualifies. 

In this course you will:

  • Learn and anticipate the common stages of an internship.
  • Establish personal and professional goals. Develop networks within and outside the organization.
  • Contribute to an online forum to make meaning of your experiences.
  • Incorporate the experiences and competencies you gain into written and oral communication, such as résumés and pitches.

Take this course if ANY of these describe you:

  • I’d like to gain a sense of what to expect during a typical internship.
  • I’d find it useful to be in touch with other interns and Hub staff/instructors during my internship.
  • I’d like be able to communicate what I will learn during my internship experience.
  • I have been accepted for an internship that meets the criteria.

To be eligible to enroll in ALA 225, your internship must meet the following requirements:

  • Spring/summer internships must be a minimum of 6 weeks in length and must require that you work at least 25 hours a week throughout the course of your internship.
  • Fall/winter internships must be a minimum of 10 weeks in length and must require that you work at least 10 hours per week.
  • ALA 225 may only be applied to one internship per term. (For example, if you have two internships in one summer, you can only take ALA 225 with one of them).
  • ALA 225 can be taken no more than 2 times over the course of your undergraduate career.
  • Remember, you must sign up before your internship begins. 

Get an Override to Enroll

In order to enroll in ALA 225 and earn academic credit for your internship, you will need an override. Here's what you need to keep in mind: 

  • You must already be accepted to an internship for the term in which you are applying. 
  • You must provide a proof of internship document from your employer that meets ALL of the following requirements:
    • Be on official company letterhead
    • Contain exact start and exact end dates
    • State the number of hours per week you will be interning
    • Provide a brief job description detailing specific duties, tasks, goals, etc.
    • Specify the address where the internship will take place (street, city, state, and zip code). If you will work remotely, the letter should specify this and list the company’s physical address.
    • Include the name and contact information of your internship supervisor
  • You must apply for an override before the start of your internship. 

How to Apply for an Override

Step 1: Log in to LSA Engage and then select “Experiential Learning” on the left hand side vertical menu.

Step 2: Select “New Experience” in the top right hand corner, fill out the form, and then click “Save” at the bottom of the page.

Step 3: On the next page, click “Documents and Forms.” DO NOT CLICK “SUBMIT.”

Step 4: Select “Upload File” to attach the proof of internship document from your employer. If the document does not meet all of the requirements detailed above, please reach out to your internship site to request an edited letter before proceeding. Then, click “Save.”

Step 5: Click “Submit” in the upper right hand corner. A pop-up window will now appear. Click “OK.”

Step 6: Click “Submit for Approval,” then click “OK.” Your application should now have a yellow box at the top that says “Pending Final Approval.” This box means that your application is now in our approval queue.

NOTE: If your employer requires a letter verifying that you will receive credit, please email us at


DEADLINES: Applications must be submitted on or before the deadline for each semester.

Spring/Summer: July 1
Fall: September 30
Winter: January 31