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List of Scholarship and Fellowship Funds

If you are unsure which fund to choose, the Development Fund is always a safe bet.  It allows the Station the most flexibility in using funds to address the most pressing needs.

Biological Station Development Fund: General support for UMBS programs, student scholarships and research fellowships. (300652- expendable only)

Cathy Bach and Brian Hazlett Student Research Fund: Provides need-based undergraduate student research support in behavior or ecology. (700107 - endowment only)

Dr. Ralph E. Bennett Endowed Lecture:  Provides support for an annual lecture, "The Dr. Ralph E. Bennett Lecture in Mycology and Plant Biology." (701876-endowment only)

Dr. Elzada Clover and Dr. Lois Jotter Cutter Student Scholarship: Provides student scholarships. (572169-endowment only)

Howard A. Crum Memorial Scholarship: Provides student scholarships. (307520-expendable; 570627-endowment)

Frank Caleb and Margaret Thompson Gates Student Scholarship: Provides student scholarships. (302394-expendable; 711050-endowment)

David M. & Marian P. Gates Graduate Student Support: Supports graduate student programs at UMBS. (313410-expendable; 571956-endowment)

Marian P. and David M. Gates Student Scholarship: Provides scholarship support for out-of-state students. (570530-endowment only)

Henry Allan Gleason Graduate Student Fellowship: Provides research funding to graduate students in plant ecology. (711500-endowment only)

Harry W. Hann Annual Lecture in Ornithology Endowment: Provides support for an annual lecture in ornithology. (712690-endowment only)

Lowe Family First Summer Student Scholarship: Provides scholarship support for students during their first summer at UMBS. (307652-expendable; 570662-endowment)

J.B. and Marilyn McKenzie Graduate Student Fellowship: Provides graduate student research support. (572036-endowment only)

Vaden and Maxine Miles Fellowship: Supports instruction and graduate research in ornithology. (719460-endowment only)

Knute Nadelhoffer and Barbara Billings Biological Station Scholarship: Undergraduate student support. 

Mort Neff Graduate Student Scholarship: Provides graduate student support. (572169-endowment only)

George E. Nichols Student Scholarship: Scholarship support for out-of-state or international undergraduate students. (311072-expendable; 571379-endowment)

Stellanova and Chase S. Osborn Endowment: Supports UMBS habitat improvement and protection. (795218-endowment only)

Mark and Ruth Paddock Habitat Fund: Supports UMBS habitat improvement and protection. (363979-expendable; 721730-endowment)

Eleanor and Sewall Pettingill Endowed Lectureship in Natural History: Provides funding for an annual lecture in natural history. (722405-endowment only)

James L. Plafkin Memorial Endowed Scholarship: Provides scholarships to students in aquatics. (364317-expendable; 723050-endowment)

Schrank Family Student Scholarship: Supports scholarships for LSA and Program in the Environment students. (365283-expendable; 724516-endowment)

Alfred H. Stockard Family Endowment: Provides support for scholars, undergraduate and graduate students, and renowned teachers to advance zoological education and research at UMBS. (313058-expendable; 570997-endowment)

Fred and Avery Test Student Scholarship: Provides support for students at UMBS with financial need. (731195-endowment only)

Dr. Edward G. Voss Memorial Scholarship: Funding for undergraduate students to attend the Biological Station.  An emphasis is placed on applicants with an interest in botany or entomology. (731774-endowment only)

Gary and Gussie Williams Student Scholarship : Scholarship support for students teaching science or pursuing a degree in science education. (570884-endowment only)

Winder Family Scholarship: Support for undergraduates studying at the Biological Station.