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Scheduled Appointments

Scheduled coaching appointments allow both you and your Coach to delve deeper into the topic(s) you’ve prioritized for that session. The goal here is the same as it is for drop-in coaching: identify action steps and make progress toward your professional aspirations.

There are two types of scheduled coaching appointments: Hub Coaching and Peer Coaching.

  • Hub Coaches are professional staff members who can discuss any career-related topic with you. 
  • Peer Coaches are undergraduate students who are trained to support you with only topics related to your résumé and/or cover letters.

You can request a specific Coach if you desire, but that is subject to their availability. You may choose to meet with your Coach in person or virtually.

Session Length: 45 minutes

Days & Times: Monday-Friday throughout the day (with some early evening availability)

While evening appointments are open to all LSA students, we offer this option so that students who are typically unavailable from 9am - 5pm (such as student caregivers, non-traditional students, and those who work during the day), have access to coaching.

Step 1 — Determine what you want to talk about with a Coach. It can be as broad as, “I want to learn more about my strengths”, or as specific as, “I want to work on adding a strong headline to my LinkedIn profile.”

Step 2 — Gather any materials you think might be useful for your session. Want to work on your cover letter? Have a digital copy of your cover letter handy if you have one created. Don’t have one created? That’s fine, too. You can work together with your Coach to start building one.

Step 3 — Schedule your coaching session (see below for instructions).

Step 4 — Meet with a Hub Coach or Peer Coach! You are the expert of your experience, so expect Coaches to ask meaningful questions that allow your expertise to shine, and make for a co-creative session.

You can book a one-on-one coaching appointment online through LSA Engage by completing the following steps:

  • Select “Appointments” on the left-hand side. 
  • Calendar view is the default, or you can use the dropdown menu on the right to switch to list view.
  • If desired, filter by preferred Coach and/or appointment type
    • Appointment type allows you to select “Hub Coaching,” “Peer Coaching,” or both
  • When you’ve identified an open appointment you want to book, click to select it, and then hit “Book Appointment.”
  • Add your responses to a few questions, including your preferred appointment type, academics, appointment goals, and any accommodations you need.
  • Click “Book Appointment.”
  • Shortly afterward, you should receive a confirmation email with instructions for joining your scheduled coaching session.
  • We recommend that you add your Hub Appointment to your calendar either by selecting “Add to calendar” in the Google Calendar box at the top of your confirmation email or by selecting the calendar icon next to the date and time of your appointment in the appointment details pop-up within LSA Engage. 

Once your request has been submitted, your appointment will show on your dashboard in LSA Engage. You will also receive a confirmation email with instructions for joining your scheduled coaching session.