On November 10, 2021, LSA Student Government voted unanimously to adopt Resolution F2021.14, a declarative resolution that condemned the decades of abuse committed by Dr. Robert Anderson at the University of Michigan. 

Beyond condemning Anderson's actions, this legislation took the additional step of calling on several University of Michigan officials, including President Mark Schlissel, to resign from their offices immediately in the face of their failure to sufficently address the hundreds of substantiated allegations that have been brought forth.

Members of LSA Student Government have expressed their views on this resolution in no unceratin terms. Sophomore Appointed Representative Aleezah Manzoor, who supports the "Hail to the Victims" movement on campus and endorsed Resolution F2021.14, stated that "We need to support victims now, because the University failed to do so when they knew it was occurring, and students deserve to feel safe on campus. Victims still face the consequences of the University's lack of action". Junior Elected Representative Vince Tedrick, another endorser, furthered this condemnation of the University, "The University has failed in its most important duty as an institution: keeping students and staff safe. Any individuals involved in this decades-long coverup should be fired immediately".

LSA Student Government also unanimously adopted Resolution F2021.16, which earmarked $1,000 for an immediate donation to the Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center. LSA SG has supported SAPAC regularly since 2016, and is proud to partner with them in the future. LSA Student Government commits itself to serving the survivors of sexual violence on this campus and elsewhere, and elevating the challenges they face.