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Powder X-Ray Instruments


PANalytical Empyrean Powder X-ray Diffractometer

The PANalytical Empyrean is a conventional powder X-ray diffractometer equipped with a 240 mm radius vertical theta-theta goniometer for optimal angular resolution. It uses a 1.8 kW (maximum power) sealed ceramic tube with a Cu anode as the X-ray source. The system features a divergent beam optic, the Bragg-BrentanoHD, to perform Bragg-Brentano measurements suppressing Kβradiation. The sample stage can be used in reflection or transmission mode and allows for the sample to be spun using circular sample holders. A 15 position sample changer is also present for automated sample loading/unloading and measurement. On the detector side, a silicon-based position sensitive 1D detector (X’celerator Scientific) is equipped to perform symmetric XRD measurements (i.e. standard powder XRD experiments). A second detector system comprised of a 0.18° parallel plate collimator and a scintillation detector is installed enabling asymmetric XRD measurements such as diffraction experiments on thin films.


To schedule use of this equipment, please contact  Leila Foroughi  at or 734-936-9867