Chemistry Climate Reporting and Suggestions

The Department of Chemistry is committed to maintaining a friendly, inclusive, collegial, supportive climate that promotes learning, collaboration, and scientific discovery. 

We invite you to use the climate reporting form linked below  to report any actions that are contrary to this commitment and concerns or suggestions that you have about the departmental climate. 

This form should NOT be used to report questions pertaining to laboratory safety, building access, infrastructure, etc. Instead, contact building manager Tracy Stevenson to discuss these concerns.

Likewise, this form should NOT be used for reports of specific incidents of assaults, hate crimes, or discrimination by specific individuals. U-M has many resources available to all its members for both reporting such events and for receiving support. Many are linked below.

For Graduate Students

For Faculty and Staff 

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct statement has been adopted by the department that further describes the expectations in conduct, reporting mechanisms, and sanctions.


The Climate Reporting Form link will take you to the Chemistry Intranet where it is the top item on the page. Your U-M login is required to access the Intranet and the Google form, but your response will be anonymous, unless you choose to provide your name.