In case you missed last summer's engaging and informative Science Communication + Advocacy Panel or need a reinvigorating boost as the academic year picks up steam -- check out the full recording below.

Early-career interdisciplinary scientists/UMBS community members Eva Roos, Hannah DeHetre, Laura Hickey, and Lisa Haber talk about what science communication means to them, how it plays a role in their own work and in the context of a field station, and how it can be used as a powerful tool for education and advocacy.

Topics include using plain language summaries, social media, technology, real-world examples, and empathy to reach audiences where they are. This purposeful outreach often involves reframing knowledge and discovery within the context of the land and communities affected, not just through the traditional framework of westernized science.

The discussion is hosted by Jenny Kalejs (UMBS Communications Specialist) and moderated by Kayla Mathes (U-M '18, UMBS researcher and Virginia Commonwealth University doctoral candidate).