Fall 2020








Activism in the Time of COVID-19

COVID-19 has challenged students to engage causes across physical distance, and with new urgency.

Here to Help

More stories from the LSA community’s response to COVID-19.

Vanishing Act

Alum Brit Bennett’s new novel is a twenty-first-century passing narrative and an instant bestseller.

Barrier-Free Biology

An LSA alum uses her love of squirrels to conduct research and enhance accessibility in STEM.

An Unexpected Evolution

Professor Luis Zaman asks hard questions about evolution—ones live microbes alone can’t answer. 

Under a Spell

An alum’s pop culture passion project uncovers the twists and inspirations of R&B singer D’Angelo.

Flip the Script

Professor Trachette Jackson’s work optimizes the way doctors can use novel drugs to save patients’ lives.

The Magician’s Materials

On the trail of the lost work of fantastical filmmaker Georges Méliès.




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