Our college’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is something I’ve been proud to champion as an alumna, faculty member, associate dean, and now as interim dean. I want every student to be able to access every aspect of LSA’s world-class education. We are building on life-changing programs such as the Comprehensive Studies Program, Kessler Presidential Scholars, Summer Bridge. We are creating brand new ways that all students can participate in the full breadth of an LSA education; many of these initiatives are truly innovative, such as the LSA Laptop and Passport Programs, and LSA Collegiate Fellows.

At the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, we educate and empower students to learn anything, go anywhere, and be ready for the next step after college. By combining academic excellence, guided career exploration, a global alumni network, and a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, LSA is the best place for students to define and pursue success on their own terms.

Here, students study at the nation’s preeminent liberal arts college in the heart of one of the greatest public universities in the world, whose depth and breadth of academic excellence includes 90 different majors and sub-majors and 39 programs ranked in the top ten nationally. The passion and intellect of our stellar humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences faculty inspire learning and research that makes a positive impact on students and the world around us.

Our students have the edge in connecting classroom lessons to real-world experiences, thanks to the LSA Opportunity Hub. The Hub is shifting the paradigm of how a liberal arts education can set students on the path to achievement and fulfillment in their lives and careers. The Hub connects students with internships, mentorship, and coaching to develop life skills essential to employment after graduation as well as long-term success. The Hub also engages LSA’s alumni around the globe who serve as mentors, employ LSA students as interns, and help open doors to career paths around the world.

And I believe in true dialogue: the ability to speak authentically about what you think and feel while being able to hear, understand, and respect different perspectives and ideas. We know that strong-minded debate can be respectful debate, and we know we often learn best from those who don’t share our own views. We also know institutions thrive when the voices of their whole community have the same chance to be included in the conversation. At LSA, we work deliberately every day to meet our ideals and to expand our students’ horizons so they’re ready to engage the world.

Elizabeth R. Cole
Interim Dean
College of Literature, Science, and the Arts