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Literature and Social Justice Now

Dominant forms of contemporary communication can reinforce our ideological bubbles, driving out counternarratives and making it all too easy to surround ourselves with arguments that reinforce our worldviews. But in asking us to dwell inside the minds and lives of others in worlds far from--or at times disturbingly close to--our own, literature urges us to imagine alternatives to our current social and political order. These courses focus on the intricate relations of power interweaving individuals, institutions, and systems across cultures and historical periods, and open our eyes to enduring social and political issues.

Courses in this Cluster (Fall 2021):

  • English 140 - Rhetoric and Rights: What Else Did the 19th Amendment Do?
  • English 215 - Women, Rhetoric, Activism
  • English 216 - Disability Justice and Self-Representation
  • English 232 - Intro to Visual Culture (Race and Visual Culture)
  • English 270 - American Dreams & Realities
  • English 290 - The Pursuit of Happiness
  • English 293 - The Handmaid's Tale in Time
  • English 298 - What's the value? Literature in the Modern World
  • English 313 - Race, Gender and Sexuality in Transatlantic Literature to 1830
  • English 314 - Queer of Color Literature and Culture
  • English 315 - On the Pedestal, in the Gutter: Women and Middle English Literature
  • English 317 - The Literature of the Refugee
  • English 317 - Revolutionary Theatre: US 1960s Radical Theatre Groups
  • English 317 - Women and Well-Being in Literature
  • English 319 - Literature and Social Change (What Difference Can a Story Make?)
  • English 319 - Literature of the Undocumented
  • English 335 - Contemporary Narratives-Slavery
  • English 340 - Queer Poetics
  • English 355 - Southern Natures: The Making and Unmaking of Races and Environments in the US South
  • English 382 - Studies in Native American Literature
  • English 383 - American Jewish Fiction of the 21st Century (Mostly)
  • English 398 - Flawless/Formation/Freedom: Writing about Race, Gender, and Popular Culture
  • English 407 - Literature and Human Rights

Related Fields/Majors:

This course cluster is for students in Earth and Environmental Sciences, Political Science, Sociology, and Ethnic studies.