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Andrew Feinberg

Deloitte Consulting LLP, Class of '98

Why did you choose to become an English Major?

I love literature, and having the opportunity to really think critically and hone my writing, coupled with a well-rounded liberal arts education, was a perfect fit for me. Having the opportunity to learn from and exchange ideas with the English department’s unbelievable professors and my fellow students was a wonderful experience. I loved my time at the University of Michigan as an English major.

How are you applying your English major experience today in your life and career?

I apply what I learned as an English Major every day! As a management consultant, I am thinking critically about my client’s business, and figuring out the best way to craft and write a story that will effect change. Having had the experience at Michigan to logically structure a point of view, to communicate clearly and, especially, to listen to others’ ideas, are keys to success in what I do. Being a good editor is also a great skill of an English major – to be able to get to the heart of a matter and help my colleagues capture their thinking succinctly on a page.

Why do you believe an English degree is relevent today?

Someone who can expertly convey their ideas, discern a point of view from disparate sources of knowledge, and work collaboratively, and intellectually, with their peers – those are
the hallmarks of an English major, and are more relevant today than ever. In virtually every role in the marketplace, on the job training and more specific skill development will come – but those that have a core base of knowledge, the ability to learn how to learn and be able to share that knowledge have an edge. An English major can certainly be supplemented by a more focused degree or more specific training thereafter, though on its own, an English Major / Liberal Arts degree is a powerful starting point to harness the lessons of strategic thinking, a research orientation and crafted communication.

Any indelible Michigan memories?

My Senior Seminar on William Faulkner with Professor Joseph Blottner. Professor Blottner wrote the definitive biography on Faulkner and would reel off personal stories of his experiences with
this great writer. Amazing.

Essay writing with Dr. Lillian Back, a poetry reading by Lorna Goodison in a class, and hearing Professor Ralph Williams lecture on any topic!

Countless hours of coffee shop conversations with my English major colleagues and friends.