LSA Magazine Spring 2015

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Big Red

China's growing middle class is making new demands on its government. Join LSA for a tour of the challenges facing China’s present—and shaping its future.

Word Smiths

LSA’s Zell Writers’ Program has its own letterpress, where students transform literature into one-of-a-kind objects of beauty and learn the literal weight of their words.

The Science of Small

Labs in LSA are using Nobel Prize–winning microscope techniques to see down to the molecular level, magnifying major possibilities for how we may one day see the world.

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42.22 N, 83.75 W

Food Network
A fresh entry point into one of the massive issues of our day.

A World of Good
45 years ago “Democrats, Republicans, and independents were for it ... It was Earth Day.”

Pillow Talk
A hundred little roommates you didn't know you had.

The Michigan Difference

Like a Rolling Stone
What do Miranda Lambert, the Replacements, and the Wu-Tang Clan have in common?

Ars Brevis
How to say “Go Blue" in Latin.

Art with Strings Attached
Large stakes, small puppets.

Little Kids, Big Ideas
The surprising way young children think.

The Last Video Store
15 years ago, Blockbuster had 5,000 stores. Now, they're all gone.

(Prehistoric) Life Imitating Art
He dreamed it up. Then they found the fossil.

Spin the Cube

In Plain Sight
How many of these campus wonders can you name?

The Trolley Problem
Five people are trapped on a railroad track. What do you do?

The Last Word

Life in the Big City
An alumna comes home to Dubai.