Yesterday I had the privilege of visiting the beautiful city of Toledo, Spain. Known for its history in Spanish religious conflicts as a place of religious diversity, I found Toledo breath taking and a wonderful experience all together!

We left early in the morning (I was walking to the bus stop at 6am!) but it was well worth it. About a 3 hour bus ride from Salamanca we pulled up to a breathtaking overview of Toledo. From there the views just kept on giving.

We took tours through an unbelievable cathedral. The paintings and designs and sculptures were unlike anything I had seen before and beautiful to see. We also saw a synagogue and what used to be the central place for imports. Every place we stopped at, there were decorations and cultural designs that were amazing. We saw paintings from the famous painter el Greco, who I learned about in one of my classes! We were also told a little bit about the history of how Toledo became a religious marvel for its time period, and I again found a different one of my classes had taught this history in just the short week I had been here. It was so cool to see my learnings come together in this historical city.

By the end of the day, we were exhausted. Walking around in 95 degree heat all day will do that! But it was well worth the sweat and steps. Our tour was also in Spanish, so I got LOTS of practice with it!

Toledo was hopefully just one of my many adventures to come, and it was a great start! I am getting extremely excited to continue my journeys throughout Spain!


For now, Vamos Azul!