A Pacific Northwest archaeologist's pack contents.

After a few years of doing excavations and surveys along the coastline in the Pacific Northwest, UMMAA grad student Anna Antoniou knows a thing or two about packing the essentials. Above, a snapshot of her gear. In her opinion, this is still too much.

Left to right, from the top: aluminum foil for C14 samples, hand salve (for rough trowel hands), Leatherman, metric folding rulers, dust pans, scale/north arrow, measuring tape, exacto knife, camping towel & pillow, hammock, various thermoses, headlamp, unit stakes, aluminum tags, flagging tape, artifact/sample bags, unit twine/string, line levels, plumbobs, pin flags, brushes, tarp, Vitamin C packets, tent, compass, bluetooth speaker, clippers (big), clippers (small), extra rope, waterproof matches, another tent (because I can’t decide!), sleeping mat, DSLR camera, caliper, aluminum tube, Sharpies, trowels, handheld GPS, mosquito head net, water purifying tablets, tissues, can opener, hand sanitizer, emergency kit, travel pillow, first aid kit, camping blanket, ethnographies and project reports, drybag full of electronics, hiking boots, hip waders.