The University of Michigan Museum of Anthropological Archaeology press is pleased to announce the publication of Killarney Bay: The Archaeology of an Early Middle Woodland Aggregation Site in the Northern Great Lakes, edited by David Brose, Patrick Julig, and John O’Shea.

The archaeological site at Killarney Bay, on the northeast side of Georgian Bay in Ontario, Canada, has attracted and mystified archaeologists for decades. The quantities of copper artifacts, exotic cherts, and long-distance trade goods all highlight the importance of the site during its time of occupation. Yet researchers have struggled to date the site or assign it to a particular cultural tradition, since the artifacts and mortuary components do not precisely match those of other sites and assemblages in the Upper Great Lakes. The history of archaeological investigation at Killarney Bay stretches across parts of three centuries and involves field schools from universities in two countries (Laurentian University in Canada and the University of Michigan in the United States). This volume pulls together the results from all prior research at the site and represents the first comprehensive report ever published on the excavations and finds at Killarney Bay. 157 color and b&w photographs and maps and 93 tables.

Contributions by Lisa Marie Anselmi, Barbara Brose, William Fox, Balz Kamber, Darrel Long, Jordan Mathieu, John H. McAndrews, Andrew Meehan, Mary E. Malainey, Amy Nicodemus, Colin Quinn, J. Amadeaus Scott, and Kristin Thor. Foreword by Henry T. Wright.

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