The UMMAA is pleased to present Rachel Dewan, from the Department of Art History, University of Toronto, who will speak on Friday, November 12, 12-1 p.m., as part of the online UMMAA Brown Bag Lecture Series.

Dewan’s talk investigates the use, significance, and meaning of miniature ceramic vessels in settlements on Minoan Crete. Based on her analysis of 504 miniature pots from thirteen sites in central and east Crete, she explores the wide range of miniature types used in the Protopalatial and Neopalatial periods and applies contextual analysis to draw out their meanings and identify two distinct categories within the corpus of miniature pots. By investigating the cognitive effects of miniaturization and applying Peircean understandings of iconicity and indexicality to these objects, the use and significance of Bronze Age miniature vessels are further illuminated, in ritual and beyond.

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The Museum’s Brown Bag Lecture Series is free and open to the public.