The UMMAA is pleased to present Jacob Bongers, senior research associate with the Rise of Divine Lordships in the Ancient Andes project, Sainsbury Research Unit, University of East Anglia, who will speak on Friday, February 12, 12-1 p.m., as part of the UMMAA Brown Bag Lecture Series.

Bongers will discuss his research on mortuary practices in an online talk entitled “Death, Mobility, and Empire in the Chincha Valley, Peru.” Bongers examines two distinct grave types—chullpas (above-ground and subterranean mausolea) and subterranean cists—in the Chincha Valley of the Peruvian south coast. These graves date to the Late Intermediate Period (1000–1400 CE), Late Horizon (1400–1532 CE), and the Colonial Period (1532–1825 CE). Results demonstrate that indigenous peoples sustained, abandoned, and created entirely new mortuary practices under Inca and Spanish rule. Genome-wide data from six individuals in two cemeteries coincide with ceramic, textile, isotopic, and sixteenth-century documents to suggest that the Inca moved individuals from the Peruvian north coast to the Chincha Valley.

Friday, February 12 | 12:00-1:00pm EST
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The Museum’s Brown Bag Lecture Series is free and open to the public.