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Faculty by Fields of Study

Comparative and Historical Approaches

Comparative Sociology / Historical Sociology – de Souza Leão, Gastón, Göçek, Jansen, Kim, Krippner, Steinmetz, Stuart Brundage, Xu, Zubrzycki
Development – Anderson, de Souza Leão, Frye
Globalization & Transnational Sociology – Kim, Steinmetz, Stuart Brundage, Xu


Anderson, Axinn, Cagney, Bruch, Burgard, Frye, Killewald, Morenoff, Murphy, Smock, Zhou

Family, Life Course, and Society

Aging/Social Gerontology – Anderson, Cagney, Burgard, Livne
Children & Youth – Frye, Martin
Family – Armstrong, Axinn,  Killewald, Martin, Smock, Zhou

Gender and Sexuality

Sex and Gender – Anspach, Armstrong, Cech, Frye, Göçek, Levitsky, Martin, Sweet, Watkins-Hayes, Zhou
Sexualities – Armstrong, Martin

Inequalities and Stratification

Education – Armstrong, Frye
Poverty – de Souza Leão, Manduca, Morenoff, Murphy, Watkin-Hayes, Young
Race, Class, and Gender – Anderson, Armstrong, Burgard, Cech, Killewald, Lacy, Morenoff, Murphy, Smock, Sweet,  Watkins-Hayes, Young
Stratification/Mobility –  Burgard, Cagney, Killewald, Lacy, Manduca, Murphy, Pedraza, Smock

International Sociology

Africa – Anderson (South Africa), Burgard (South Africa), Frye (Malawi, Uganda), Steinmetz (Namibia, South Africa)
Americas – Burgard (Brazil), de Souza Leão (Brazil, Mexico, Peru), Jansen (Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru), Pedraza (Cuba), Zubrzycki (Canada)
Asia – Anderson (Korea), Axinn (Nepal),  Göçek (Turkey), Kim (Korea), Livne (Israel,  Palestine), Steinmetz (China), Xu (China), Zhou (China)
Europe – Anderson (Russia), Göçek (Turkey), Steinmetz (Britain, France, Germany), Stuart Brundage (Britain and France),  Zubrzycki (Poland)

Law, Crime, and Deviance

Criminal Justice – Morenoff
Criminology/Delinquency – Morenoff
Law and Society – Best, Kim, Krippner, Levitsky, 
Penology/Corrections - Morenoff

Medical Sociology

Anspach, Best, Burgard, Gastón, Livne, Sweet, Watkins-Hayes

Mixed Methods

Axinn, Best, Cech, Frye, Zhou

Politics and Social Change

Collective Behavior/Social Movements – Armstrong, Best, Gastón, Levitsky, Xu, Zubrzycki
Marxist Sociology – Steinmetz, Stuart Brundage, Xu
Nationalism – Kim, Zubrzycki
Political Economy – Krippner, Stuart Brundage, Xu
Political Sociology – Best, de Souza Leão, Jansen, Kim, Krippner, Levitsky, Mizruchi, Steinmetz, Stuart Brundage, Xu, Zubrzycki
Public Policy – Lacy, Murphy, Pedraza, Young
Revolution – Pedraza, Stuart Brundage, Xu
Social Change – Göçek, Mizruchi, Pedraza, Steinmetz, Zubrzycki
Violence - Göçek, Xu

Qualitative Approaches

Ethnography – Kim, Lacy, Livne, Murphy, Watkins-Hayes, Young, Zubrzycki
Qualitative Methodology – Anspach, Armstrong, Gastón, Göçek, Kim, Lacy, Levitsky, Livne, Martin,  Murphy, Pedraza, Steinmetz, Watkins-Hayes, Young, Xu, Zubrzycki

Quantitative Approaches

Analytical Sociology – Bruch, Manduca
Mathematical Sociology – Boutyline, Bruch, Manduca
Quantitative Methodology – Boutyline, Bruch,

Race and Ethnicity

Asians/Asian-Americans – Kim
Latinx Sociology – Pedraza
Migration/Immigration – Kim, Lacy, Pedraza
Racial and Ethnic Relations – de Souza Leão, Lacy, Murphy, Watkins-Hayes, Young

Social Networks

Boutyline, Bruch, Mizruchi, Owen-Smith

Social Psychology and Interaction

Social Psychology – Axinn
Socialization – Lacy

Sociology of Culture

Culture and Cognition – Boutyline
Cultural Sociology – Anspach, Armstrong, Best, Cech, Frye, Göçek, Jansen, Lacy, Steinmetz, Young,  Xu, Zubrzycki
Mass Communication/Public Opinion – Boutyline
Morality – Livne
Religion – Kim, Xu, Zubrzycki
Visual Sociology – Steinmetz, Zubrzycki

Theory, Knowledge, and Science

History of Sociology/Social Thought – Steinmetz, Stuart Brundage, Xu, Young
Knowledge – de Souza Leão, Steinmetz, Sweet, Xu
Science and Technology – Best, Cech, de Souza Leão, Livne, Owen-Smith
Theory – Armstrong, Göçek, Jansen, Kim, Krippner, Livne,  Steinmetz, Stuart Brundage, Sweet, Xu, Young, Zubrzycki

Urban and Community Sociology

Lacy, Manduca, Morenoff, Murphy, Young

Work, Economy, and Organizations

Economic Sociology – Gastón, Krippner, Livne, Manduca, Mizruchi,  Owen-Smith, Stuart Brundage, Xu
Occupations/Professions – Cech, Gastón 
Organizational Sociology – Armstrong, Mizruchi, Owen-Smith
Work and Labor Markets – Burgard, Gastón,