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MCTP HET BROWN BAG SEMINAR | Natural Supersymmetry in Warped Space

Wednesday, April 16, 2014
12:00 AM
Oskar Klein Room 3481 Randall

I discuss the possibility that a natural model of TeV-scale physics could incorporate both supersymmetry and a warped extra dimension. I argue that, in its simplest form, such a "SUSY RS" model naturally includes R-parity violation, and I describe a simple example with light stops, a Higgsino LSP decaying via three jets, and TeV-scale gauginos. The remaining squarks and sleptons are decoupled, suppressing flavor and baryon-number violation to acceptable levels. While the missing superpartners lead to quadratic divergences in the effective theory, naturalness can be maintained if the compactification scale is sufficiently low. I discuss a generic problem with models of this type, along with potential solutions.

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