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<b>HET Seminar</b><br><i>Dark Matter and LHC Signatures of SUSY and Hidden Sector Extensions</i>

Friday, September 18, 2009
12:00 AM
335 West Hall

Speaker: Dan Feldman (Michigan)

Discussed are high scale models of soft supersymmetry breaking
and hidden sector extensions of the  minimal susy framework.
Primary focus will be given to the discovery prospects of
new physics at the LHC and its direct relation to the detection
of dark matter. Also presented are two recent solutions to the
PAMELA positron anomaly which are in agreement with the WMAP
constraints on the relic density of cold dark matter for a
thermal relic. The first solution is the Breit-Wigner Enhancement
of Dark Matter annihilation in the halo  (proposed and analyzed
in Feldman, Liu, Nath arXiv:0810.5762 [hep-ph] )  and the second
solution revolves around the presence of a  reservoir of spectator states
which enhance the relic abundance of the LSP neutralino,  for a mixed
Higgsino-wino LSP, via hidden sector coannihilations
(hep-ph/0610133  and  arXiv:0907.5392 [hep-ph] ).