Summer 2022







Indigenous Futures

A new research center at LSA elevates Indigenous experiences to secure equity for Indigenous people.


Digital Relics

Researchers and undergrads at the Museums of Zoology and Paleontology digitize scientific archives.


Nubia Is a Place Inside of Us

A Humanities Collaboratory project is bringing the stories of Nubia to life.


Not Her First Rodeo

Nadine Hubbs walks the musical border where identity, history, and social change happen.


From the Dean

The Kessler Scholars Program is a huge win for first-generation students.


At Full Speed

Ph.D. student Mason Ferlic is an Olympic athlete who competes in the steeplechase.


The Burden of Code-switching

For people of color, integrating into white culture is often essential, but moving between identities is also absolutely exhausting.


Old Typewriters, New Tricks

Alumni embrace the beauty of human error by printing and binding a literary journal by hand.


Opposites Attract

Asst. Prof. Josie Clowney asks big questions about how DNA patterns the cells in our bodies.


Active Voice

Political science alum Jill Ettinger uses her experience from the entertainment industry to work for social change.


Cosmology of the Classics

A faculty member is recognized for connecting the cosmos with our earthly bodies.


Take Good Care

LSA alum Chad Machinski is a caretaker at The Arb, where conservation is paramount.


Screen Time

The new Mitchell Scholarship connects film, television, and media students with Hollywood.


In LSA, we’re preparing students to create bold and purposeful change, wherever their individual paths lead. After graduation, Emmanuel plans to put his multicultural perspective and international studies degree to work in refugee and immigration advocacy. An LSA internship scholarship enabled him to gain precious experience with a nonprofit organization for LGBTQ+ asylum seekers — so he can start making a positive difference now.