Spring 2023







An Eye on the Sky

The Extremely Large Telescope could change everything we know about the Universe.


A Dream of Fundamental Justice

Can artwork advance the conversation about a Michigan tribe’s future?


After the Raid

Visualizing the effects of carceral control that often go unseen.


Do LSA Students Dream of Electric Sheep?

Where is the science in science fiction?


From the Dean

DEI 2.0: Our successes and plans for the future.


Hope, Science, and a Newfound Purpose

LSA supports three Ukrainian scholars who are conducting research at CERN.


Dreaming and Brain Waves

How dreaming is informed by communication between the left and right brain.


Signature Style

An LSA professor traces the human connections between calligraphy and cinema.


Unlocking the Mind

Two U-M alums want to make neurotechnology easily accessible to everyone.


Going Public

LSA students are taking the humanities out of the classroom and into the world.


Heart and SOUL

The SOUL Program helps shape the futures of first-generation sociology students.


Dance, Dance, Cell Division

Students show what is possible when scientists and artists work together.


Brave Colors

An art exhibition “brings to light the real commitment that care requires.”


“Receiving an LSA scholarship was the life-changing sign I needed that I truly belonged and would be valued at the University of Michigan.”
—Nur Muhammad Renollet, LSA Class of ’25

A high school internship at U-M introduced Nur to his passion for biomedical research. Now he’s an MCDB major in LSA pursuing a career in cancer research. Your generosity creates new opportunities for learning and innovation and allows us to maintain our deeply held values of exploration, common good, and inclusion. Help LSA meet the moment by making a gift today.