Alumna Gabrielle Hamilton (’97 M.F.A.) cooks delicious food all day long at Prune, her critically acclaimed restaurant in New York City. So you’d think a top-rated chef might request a complex plate of food for a last meal. Not Hamilton.

If I am lucky enough to have my last meal on earth somewhere by the sea, spontaneously, on a bluing early evening when the waves have calmed to nothing more than gentle laps at the shore, I think I’d go ahead and take my last grab at the world’s best Iranian caviar, rather a lot of it, and some buttered toast with a couple of bottles of Billecarte-Salmon rose champagne to drink. Singlehandedly.

But somehow I fear that my last meal will be slid to me under the door on a stainless steel tray in a jail cell on death row. Guilty conscience? In that unlucky context, I think I’ll take just a cup of warm, salty chicken broth, a small plate of softly scrambled eggs, and a glass of cold beer poured over ice cubes.

However, if they wanted to use Billecarte-Salmon rose champagne as the fluid in the lethal injection, I would not resist.

Hamilton joined other alumni and students who shared their last meal ideas with us in the latest issue of LSA MagazineClick here to read the full magazine story, and tell us what you’d want for your last meal below.