LSA Magazine Spring 2018

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Spring 2018 LSA Magazine Features

The Movement and the Mosaic

One LSA alumna shows the twenty-first-century women’s movement at work around the world.

Get Together

It often seems like Democrats and Republicans can’t agree about anything. One LSA course helped students from across the political spectrum move beyond partisanship and focus their attention on solving the problems everyone can see.

How to Science: Experiments in SciComm

A new podcast about science from LSA insists on going beyond the beaker and past stereotypes to see how science is human, beautiful, and accessible. How to communicate all that? The way you communicate anything—by pulling other people into the fold.

More Stories from the Magazine

The Rise and Fall of Mercury
Naturalists 100 years ago didn’t know their specimen collections would record a history of pollution. But birds in LSA’s Museum of Zoology preserved clues that show what we otherwise could’ve missed: Toxic mercury has increasingly plagued our environment and our diet for decades. Recently, an alumna successfully fought to stop its spread.

On the Radio
LSA alumnus Robert Yoon puts a face—and voice—to journalism.

Physical setbacks never stopped Jacob Ellsworth Reighard—they led to new discoveries.

$195 Can Change Your Life
Thanks to $195 donations, LSA scholarship students are ready to see the world.

Found in Translation
Once thought to be mere decoration, ancient cuneiform script has become the gateway to an extraordinary world—one whose secrets LSA’s Jay Crisostomo is working to bring to the public at large.

Finding the Words
One LSA student took on the ambitious project of mapping translation projects on campus, and she ended up finding them everywhere.

Rethinking Autism
LSA Professor Melanie Yergeau wants you to forget everything you think you know about autism.

Along Those Lines
The percentage of people with more than one racial background is increasing in America. Will this change the way we think about race?

The Welcome Desk
One LSA student works to help imperiled people in Athens

Together Again
Filmmaker Dan Habib and journalist Jody Becker reconnected 25 years after working together at the Michigan Daily to create two documentaries on civil rights and disability issues.

Be Ready for Anything
Many schools in India are discipline-specific, which means liberal arts programs are less well established. In the Economic Times of India Dean Andrew Martin argues for the global importance of a liberal arts education in the twenty-first century.