Coffee, anyone? Our series showcasing the work of Screen Arts and Cultures students and alumni continues with a video exploring study spaces on campus. Using a cup of coffee as the connection between three different locations, students Candace Faircloth, Matthew Komorowski, and Roger Graves created an experimental narrative about the experience of a java-fueled study session.

"Caution, May Be Hot" was created in SAC 190, a first-year seminar taught by Terri Sarris entitled "What the H&*( Was That?: Media on the Margins." Partnering with Rob Hess of LSA Marketing and Communication, students in the class were asked to respond through video to a question about their first year experience -- in this case, "What is your favorite spot to study on campus (or off)? Make a portrait of this place." 

The course, Sarris says, explored experimental media and partnered with the Ann Arbor Film Festival to pre-screen experimental Festival entries. Donald Harrison, Director of the AAFF, visited the class to screen and discuss experimental work from the archives of the Festival. Students wrote critically about film and also made films and videos of their own.