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Dennis Allen
Supervisor of Laboratory Services
1241 Randall 734.764.3468
Jon Ameel
Electronics Engineer Senior
2281E Randall 734.764.4476
Nicholas Arnold
Laboratory/Classroom Services Technician
70 Weiser Hall 734.936.2498
Barbara Askew
Accounting Clerk Senior
2464 Randall 734.763.3062
Robert Ball
Electronics Engineer Lead
2281C Randall 734.936.1029
Marybeth Bauer
Admin Coord/Project Coord REBUILD
370 West Hall 734.763.1920
Carol Berry
Professor Assistant
4424 Randall 734.764.8459
Elise Bodei
Student Administration Manager
1440B Randall 734.764.5537
Gabriele Carcassi
Research Area Specialist Senior
1429 Randall
Tiesheng Dai
Senior Scientific Engineer
Beth Demkowski
Administrative Assistant Associate
367E West Hall 734.615.5811
James Detlefs
Laboratory/Classroom Svcs Tech
70 Weiser Hall 734.936.2498
Edward Diehl
Research Area Specialist Senior
367C West Hall 734.936.9662
Claudio Ferretti
Research Laboratory Specialist
2214 Randall 734.615.7187
Philipp Fleischmann
Research & Development Engineer
Angela Germaine
Undergraduate Program Coordinator
1440 Randall 734.764.5539
Xueye Hu
Electronics Engineer Senior
378 West Hall
Steve Katnik
Research Project Engineer
1429 Randall 734.647.9401
Mary Ann King
Clerk Intermediate
2477 Randall 734.647.3284
Benjamin Koester
Learning Analytics Research Specialist Senior
370 West Hall 734.763.1920
Cynthia McNabb
Program Administrator
267C West Hall 734.936.0653
Karen O'Donovan
Administrative Assistant Intermediate
3444A Randall 734.763.9698
Carol Rabuck
Marketing, Communications, and Development
2484B Randall 734.763.2588
Nick Ristow
Engineer Research Associate
4468 Randall
Steve Roper
Administrative Manager II
2484A Randall 734.936.1705
Lauren Segall
Program Assistant
267 West Hall 734.764.4595
Joseph Sheldon
Facilities Assistant
1425 Randall 734.763.4646
Nitesh Singh
Graduate Program Coordinator
1440 Randall 734.936.0658
Paul Thurmond
Physics Facilities Manager
1427 Randall 734.763.4473
Ramon Torres-Isea
Research Laboratory Specialist; Adjunct Lecturer in Physics
4263 Randall 764.3443
Jinhong Wang
Electronics Engineer Senior
378 West Hall
Holly Wanty
Assistant to the Chair
2484 Randall 734.763.7591
Curtis Weaverdyck
Research and Development Engineer
2281D Randall 734.764.8565
Monika Wood
Laboratory/Classroom Svcs Manager
78 Weiser Hall 734.936.2498