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Photo By: Robert Elmouchi

The Michigan Channel on YouTube

See past Saturday Morning Physics talks whenever you desire. You may view Saturday Morning Physics (SMP) presentations on the new Michigan Channel YouTube.


Please click here to view a selection of past Saturday Morning Physics (SMP) presentations on your computer from the CARMA website.

Community Television Network (CTN)

Past Saturday Morning Physics talks are now telecast on the city of Ann Arbor Community Television Network (CTN), EduTV channel 18.

View or download CTN Program Schedules.

Sundays               12:00 PM

Tuesdays              11:00 PM

Fridays                  6:00 PM

Saturdays             7:00 AM


CTN Broadcast Schedule from Week of January 7 - Week of February 25, 2108

CTN Broadcast Date         Lecture Title Presenters Original Episode Date      
Week of May 6 The Great American Eclipse of 2017 David Gerdes February 3, 2018
Week of May 13 The Physics of Complex Systems Mark Newman February 10, 2018
Week of May 20 Detection For Nuclear Nonprolifertation Sara Pozzi February 17, 2018
Week of May 27 Spins, Magnetism, and Computers Vanessa Sih March 10, 2018
Week of June 3 Using Physics to Fish For Cells Brandon McNaughton March 17, 2018
Week of June 10 Sounds, Shapes and Photosynthesis: Physics Is Everywhere Veronica Policht, Brain Worthmann and Chrisy Xiyu Du March 24, 2018
Week of June 17 Saturday Morning Physics Lite: Now with 40% Less Facts Monika Wood, Nicholas Arnold and James Detlefs April 7, 2018
Week of June 24 Bees Do It: Can Humans? Realizing Our Collective Intelligence Scott Page April 14, 2018

**If anyone would like to request replays they may do so by calling CTN directly at 734.794.6150.**