In addition to all of the events, info, and knowledge available through the Transfer Student Center, LSA offers unparalleled resources to help you make a strong transition, build your educational foundation, and join the active transfer student community. The transfer student resources below are offered in addition to college resources available to all students.

Transfer Transitions, Community, and Success

These programs offer unparalleled support and opportunities for transfer students through their initiatives designed to help you build on the skills and strengths that you bring with you as a transfer student. You literally will not find similar programs at other universities. In addition to engaging in research, mentorship, social innovation, or building your professional identity, they all offer you the chance to engage with your fellow transfer students.  

Academic Support for Transfer Students

These programs help you enjoy a strong transition into LSA and progress toward your degree and a chance to connect with your fellow transfer students. 

Transfer Student Housing 

University Housing

NOTE: On campus housing for transfer students is currently extremely limited. We recommend that you explore off campus housing options.  

University housing is not guaranteed for transfer students. The University Housing website is the place to start your on-campus housing search.  The University Housing Office emails students who have paid the enrollment deposit with instructions on how to submit a housing application. Submitting a housing application does not guarantee that you will be offered on-campus housing. 

Off-Campus Housing

Off-campus refers to housing not owned by the University.  Living in off-campus housing does not mean that you are living far away from campus. In fact, there are a lot of options that are within minutes of the center of campus.  There are also options that are further away from campus that are accessbile with the UM and City of Ann Arbor bus systems that are free for all students.  The Univeristy runs an office that helps students with off campus housing called Beyond the Diag which helps students living off campus connect with other students.  There are aslo cooperative living options.  Learn more about both below.  

Commuter Students

Commuting to campus for your classes and all other activities can present challenges.  Fortunately, the Transfer Student Ambassadors created a series of videos with all the advice you need as a commuter student.




Finding Your Place as a Commuter


Student Government


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