Before you use any of the following tools and services, please read the licensing agreements carefully!


ChatGPT (OpenAI): Natural language processor, text output

GPT-4 (OpenAI): Multimodal input, text output

Humata.AI: Text input, annotation output

Wordtune Read: Text input, summary output

Bing (Microsoft, OpenAI): Search/natural language processor

Bard (Google): Machine learning/nlp

Explainpaper: Text interpretation and explication

Polyglot: NLP with better non-English performance

VoxelGPT: Text input, data management

Futurepedia: Database of resources


Stable Diffusion: Text input, image output

Gen-1 Runway: Multimodal input, video output

DALLE 2: Text input, image output

DragGAN AI: Image/text input, image output

Midjourney: Text input, image output

Makes-A-Video: Text input, video output

AIVA: Sound output

Jukebox AI: Sound output

MuseNet AI: Text input, MIDI output

GitHub Copilot: Text input, code output


WebChatGPT: Adds relevant web results

Perplexity AI: Cites sources in results

ChatGPT for Google: Brings bot to search engines

Compose AI: Brings utility into email function

ChatGPT Writer: Brings utility into email and messages

Wiseone: Content clarification reader

Superpower ChatGPT: Folder and file maintenance for chats

Merlin: Distributes queries across entire browser

MaxAIme: Enables ChatGPT on any/multiple tabs

YouTube Summary: Provides text translation of video content

SciSpace Copilot: Summarizes and contextualizes research documents

ReaderGPT: Custom summaries

Talkberry: Enables voice engagement

Summarize: Summarizes any text

GPT for Sheets and Docs: Adds utilities for Google services

PromptGenius: Collects innovative prompt language

ShareGPT: Enables immediate sharing of conversations

ChatGPT to Notion: Enables transfer of chats to Notion utility