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Our Graduates

Caroline Atkinson

Major: English
Minor: Business

I’ve loved my time at the PWC! I’ve really enjoyed working with everyone and meeting new writers each week. Working here has been one of the more rewarding things I’ve done at Michigan. I’m actually thinking about teaching for a few years after graduation, which is a decision that was definitely influenced by my time here!

Francesca Giovanna De Geronimo

Major: Psychology
Minor: Writing; CASC (Community, Action, and Social Change)

Becoming a PWC was one of the best decisions I made for myself because it was an opportunity that allowed me to grow as an individual, writer, and community member. As an individual, I grew to be more patient, empathetic, and better at time management. As a writer, being exposed to so many forms of writing made me more open to exploring my writing. Finally, as a community member, I worked to support the needs of my peers and allow them to amplify their voices through writing. 

Jacqueline Giessler

Major: Economics; Creative Writing and Literature

During my time at Sweetland Writing Center, I was able to make friends with some amazing people, reflect on my own experience in academia, and do work that mattered to me. I enjoyed consulting with the writers that came, working together to meet their needs and achieve their goals. This role has strengthened my problem-solving skills and my communication skills. I know these skills will serve me well in the future, and I am grateful for the friendships that will outlast the job itself. 

Alicia Haun

Major: Cognitive Science
Minor: English

Arianne (Ari) Kok

Major: English; Environment

I helped found my high school's writing center and have always been a lover of writing and the writing process, so I knew coming into the University of Michigan that I wanted to be involved with Sweetland's peer writing center. I joined the PWCP as a junior and became Program Assistant that same year, eager and excited to get more involved. Throughout my time, I have been able to see the program flourish, and I'm excited to see how it continues to grow. Being a PWC and Program Assistant has taught me invaluable skills in communication, project coordination, and, of course, writing, all of which I plan to take with me in future endeavors!

Peter Yongjin Nam

Major: Neuroscience
Minor: Computer Science

Being a peer writing consultant at Sweetland has made me both a better writer and reader, and I am happy to have met all the other wonderful consultants and staff! I enjoyed reading and hearing the many diverse voices of the undergraduate students on campus, and I hope to have helped them as much as they have helped me. 

Erica M. Nelson

Major: Political Science (LJSC) Sociology
Minor: Entrepreneurship

I really enjoyed my time as a Peer Writing Consultant. I had the opportunity to work with and help so many people, and in some ways it helped me personally. As an aspiring attorney, being able to sit down and connect with people was very important since I will have to do that as a part of my career. Also, I met some really valuable people who I am very proud of. Some honorable mentions are Alicia Haun, Gigi Guida, Allison Bell (of whom I met freshman year before the pandemic and who no longer works here), and Laura Clapper. I feel blessed to have had a job that was as flexible as it was rewarding. Thank you all for being a blessing to me in your own ways.

Sarah Ong

Major: English; Linguistics

Working at the PWC has been one of the highlights of my college career. I have learnt flexibility and patience; I have made some amazing friends; I have reflected on and questioned the ways we write and talk about writing, and all the power dynamics and ideology that come with it. My work at the PWC has better prepared me – and reframed, for me – my future work as an English and Literature teacher. How will I challenge traditional power dynamics or standard language ideologies, through changing the way I teach, talk about, or give feedback on writing? How will I share with my students that writing goes beyond merely doing well in school, and can also be a unique, creative outlet of expression? How will I carve out that creative space for my students? These are all questions that I think about because of PWC; I'm grateful to have been a part of this wonderful community. 

Lindsey Smiles

Major: English
Minor: Writing

Working at the PWCP has been my favorite job that I've ever had, and I'm endlessly grateful for the experience it's given me and all the wonderful people that I've met. 

Andrea Wong

Major: English; Creative Writing

Working at the PWC has been an amazing experience! It was my first job, and I'm so lucky to have had so much guidance throughout the training process and even two years after I started. It has been so fun to work alongside some of the best writers on campus and to develop my own thinking on how to consult and make sure the writer's own voice is heard. I will dearly miss the community that I've had here at the PWC, and I hope the program continues to grow and flourish!