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Our Graduates

Madi Altman

Major: Biopsychology, Cognition and Neuroscience
Minor: Music

Speaking for Myself

Sweetland’s Minor in Writing was truly one of the best decisions I made in undergrad. The professors, my peers, and the courses all helped me grow as a writer and a person. My writing elevated to a level I never thought I would be at and I know it will continue to grow due to my time with Sweetland.

Blake D. Byle

Major: Political Science

Of Men: A Collection of Personal Essays

Hannah Carapellotti

Major: English

First Time for Everything: Writing a Novel in the Face of Fear

I'm really grateful for how I've been encouraged to write in different ways, and for all the people I've met who gave me great feedback and made my Sweetland classes some of my favorites :)

Kevin Chen

Major: Computer Science

University of Michigan Student Org Documentation

It has been a pleasure improving my writing skills alongside a community of writers who care about their craft! I am grateful for all my professors who've challenged my writing and pushed me to improve in different ways!

Jessica D'Agostino

Major: Political Science

Fifty Five: A Work in Progress

The Minor in Writing was an absolutely wonderful experience. It was enriching, enlightening, and engaging in ways unlike anything else. MiW served as an excellent complement to my political science major, provided much needed therapeutic writing time (especially with the incredibly tolerant and brilliant Raymond McDaniel), and encouraged me to grow as a writer and thinker. It is an honor to be graduating among such incredible peers within this passionate community of students and staff. Thank you to Raymond, Julie, and Shelley for the words and wisdom. I am so grateful for all of the lessons I will take with me to the next three years of law school and beyond! Forever Go Blue!

Francesca Giovanna De Geronimo

Major: Psychology
Minor: Community, Action, and Social Change (CASC)

Strife and Sacrifice : My Grandparent's Love Story

When I first stepped onto the University of Michigan's campus, I would have scoffed at the idea of minoring in writing; I hated writing – or at least, I thought I did. I always believed writing to be a burden. I struggled when I was assigned my first writing assignment, so my GSI recommended I go to the Sweetland Writing Center for support. Little did I know that walking into the writing community would shift my perspective on writing and ultimately shape my undergraduate experience.

Sara Hannah Deichman

Major: Communication and Media Studies

Head in the Clouds

Matthew Eitzman

Major: Neuroscience
Minor: Statistics

Mindfulness: A Call to Practice

I'm so grateful for the 2 years I've had in the Sweetland Minor in Writing program. I've made great friends and read incredible work from the other writers in the program. By experimenting with different writing styles and formats, I've expanded the ways in which I can both develop my ideas and present those ideas to an audience. Outside of school, writing has become an invaluable resource for me; because of the Capstone course, I now journal everyday. It's a relaxing and fun activity for me. I love to explore new ideas and how they interact with each other, from practical things in my personal life to lofty, philosophical topics. Throughout the journey, I've received excellent support from teachers and classmates in Sweetland. I'm so appreciative for these couple of years!

Melanie Esterine

Major: Biopsychology, Cognition, & Neuroscience
Minor: Community Action & Social Change

Music Matters

Thank you, Sweetland for allowing me to exercise and grow in this field that I love so much: Writing. Thanks to you, I really have become a writer.

Jared Greenspan

Major: Communication & Media
Minor: Business

Late Boomer

As I sit down to write this, I’m about to submit my capstone project, and that has me thinking a lot about the day that I submitted my initial proposal. Frankly, I had no idea what to write. The day before the deadline, I locked myself in the law library and refused to leave until I had fleshed out four ideas to submit to Raymond. Turns out, that was an appropriate beginning for the three months that ensued. This minor — especially the capstone — challenged me in ways that few other courses at this University have. The curriculum forced me to be creative while the projects forced me to be more introspective. I can confidently say that I have grown as a result of this process. And as this course — and my college tenure — wraps to a close, it’s rather bittersweet. My capstone project served as a crutch through a hectic, chaotic semester (as all semesters in college are). Whenever I felt sad, angry, bored or some other variation of a negative emotion, I turned to my capstone for help. Soon, I’ll lose that backbone. But, I can always look back on my website and be proud of all that I accomplished. And for that, I am grateful. Go Blue!

Molly Hirsch

Major: Communication & Media

This is the story of my mother

Very thankful I had this experience and was able to grow as a writer because of it!

Grace Hovda

Major: American Culture & Ethnic Studies

My Shoebox Home

I feel so lucky to have been part of the minor!

Mahnoor Imran

Major: Public Policy
Minor: History


I have been a writer for as long as I can remember. I'm profoundly grateful for the MiW program, which helped me cultivate my passion for telling stories, articulating my political convictions, and empowering others through the written word.

Eileen Kelly

Major: Elementary Education
Minor: Creative Writing

Exploration of the Middle-Grade Novel (password: butterfly)

Being a student in the Sweetland Minor in Writing program has given me the opportunity to experiment with the many different forms that my writing can take. I've created a children's picture book, outlined and wrote excerpts of a middle-grade novel, written a short screenplay, created interactive maps, and learned how to write nonfiction essays about everything from the climate crisis to The Jetsons. My time in the MiW program has allowed me to embrace my creativity and really follow my interests and passions, as well as giving me a place to continue to develop the writing skills that I know will serve me well in the future! Next year, as an elementary school teacher, I hope to foster the same love and passion for writing that I grew here at Michigan in my future students.

Samhita Kotapati

Major: Neuroscience

So I Want to Be a Doctor?

After having disliked literature and reading throughout high school, I didn't think I would pursue anything related to writing in an educational landscape ever again. However, the writing minor allowed me to take classes that I want and write freely without the restrictions that analytical essays put you in. I learned more about my writing style, what I'm passionate about, and most importantly, I learned about me. The minor gave me an avenue to reflect on the decisions that I've made as a person which will help me shape the decisions I make in the future.

Dawn HY Lau

Majors: Cognitive Science; Linguistics
Minor: Computer Science

Reminiscing in Roundabouts

Feels great to have finally had to motivation to finish a full writing project after procrastinating for years on end! Who knows where this will take me? Thanks for everyone who gave me feedback :D

Analese Lutz

Major: Information Analysis

Down With (A) Hierarchy

My writing classes will be the ones I remember the best when I think about my time in college! It was energizing to meet people from so many majors and to have my writing professors challenge me creatively in a way that was different from the rest of my coursework.

Julia Meguid

Major: Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience

Residents of Shondaland

Sweetland has given me the courage to find my voice and use it to spread joy. I have always loved to write, but my writing minor allowed me to channel this passion into a direction. While my ultimate goal is to become a physician, writing will always remain a part of my life. I want to thank the Sweetland staff for all of the support and encouragement for these four years.

Giselle Mills

Major: History
Minor: Russian Language, Literature, and Culture

The Prehistoric Crayon Bestiary: A Zine

The courses I took through Sweetland taught me to pay close attention to how I write and to have fun while doing it. Thank you to Ray, Julie, and T for your amazing support and instruction!

Abigail Nighswonger

Major: Sociology: Law, Justice, and Social Change
Minor: History of Law and Policy, Writing

Maker: A Science Fiction Novel

Sweetland's Minor in Writing has taught me substantive skills which enable me to be a better communicator and advocate. While this program certainly made me a better writer, it also helped me identify the goals and interest which I will be pursuing after graduation. The Minor in Writing helped me become a more self-assured person with a strong, persuasive voice. After graduation, I plan to attend law school to pursue a career in Employment Law and I'm certain that the skills which I've developed because of Sweetland will help me excel in my career.

Lauren Ors

Majors: Organizational Studies; English
Minor: American Culture

The Scrapbook of Simple Pleasures

Sweetland has given me the opportunity to foster meaningful relationships with faculty and find lasting friendships as well.

Alyssa Reiter

Major: Psychology

I Don't Give A Shit What You Think, But It's Not What You Think

My relationship with writing has evolved over time and has taken many forms. The MiW, and specifically my professor and mentor, T. Hetzel, has strengthened my relationship to writing. T taught me the value of writing in a physical journal, the importance of observing and tracking my progression of thoughts, and the joys of celebrating my writing. I found a community within the MiW and I feel an overwhelming sense of encouragement and understanding from my capstone group. The minor will always be special to me.

Lauren Rodolitz

Major: Communication & Media
Minor: Digital Studies

One Half of a Whole: Becoming an Individual as a Twin

The writing minor has been an incredible community where I have been able to grow as both a person and w writer. Sweetland has been an incredible experience where I got to learn, reflect, explore my writing and other projects, and connect with an incredible group of people.

Jarryn Shin

Major: Business

K-Pop Fandoms - What We Can Learn From One Of The World's Most Powerful Networks

As someone who talks too dang much, my minor became my greatest and truest form of expression. It allowed me to talk to the paper, talk to myself, and talk to my community, and I will be forever grateful for this opportunity. Thanks to everyone at Sweetland and my fellow minors, I've become a better writer, a better person, and a better contributor to our society.

Lindsey Smiles

Major: English

Reading Rebellions

The writing minor has been an incredible community where I have been able to grow as both a person and w writer. Sweetland has been an incredible experience where I got to learn, reflect, explore my writing and other projects, and connect with an incredible group of people.

Evan Stern

Major: Philosophy, Politics, & Economics

Dead End

My time in the Minor in Writing has been extremely rewarding. The classes I took as part of the program really gave me an experience that I never had in my other courses. The minor challenged me to grow as a writer and thinker, and all of my instructors really cared about my success. I am so glad I had the opportunity to be a part of the program and am excited to take these skills with me going forward.

Isabella Tape

Majors: Psychology; History of Art

Doubling Down

Joshua Taubman

Major: Political Science


Writing has always been one of my favorite hobbies, but I've typically been drawn to free form types of writing rather than essays for school. But the Minor in Writing provided the perfect outlet to write creatively in an academic context. From the Gateway to the Capstone, I have loved having the opportunity to craft unique stories around topics that I was passionate about. I am thankful for all the mentorship I have received in the program, and I will carry the skills I learned with me into the next chapter of my life.

Alexa Weinberg

Major: Psychology

A Fresh Take on Consumerism: A Dive Into Consumer Psychology and Mental Health

I have had such an incredible experience throughout my time in the Sweetland Minor in Writing program. It has given me the opportunity to create an abundance of work that I'm proud of and the chance work with wonderful classmates and professors whom I now consider friends. It has shaped my journey at Michigan to be all that it has been and I'm forever grateful.