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Our Graduates

Malin Andersson

Major: Creative Writing & Literature
Minor: Music

Hello From Earth

The Sweetland Minor in Writing has given me the unique opportunity to explore and merge forms of writing I would never have engaged with otherwise. I've written imagined-interviews that act as film analyses, a dozen blog posts about the writing process itself, and a collection of environmental children's poetry. The instructors at Sweetland are mentors and fellow writing friends, and I will forever be grateful for their kindness and guidance. As a Copywriter in Stockhom, Sweden, I will undoubtedly draw on everything I learned in my time here in Ann Arbor.

Lindsey Aprahamian

Major: Political Science

Voices in the Game

My time as an undergraduate is coming to an end, but I will always feel connected to the people and the places that made these past four years unforgettable. I feel so lucky to have grown personally, professionally and academically through my experiences at the University of Michigan. In taking classes that enabled me to explore new passions and connecting with students who shared these passions, I discovered a love for real-world storytelling. The Minor in Writing helped me to take this a step further and offered me an outlet for creating. The Sweetland faculty and my peers alike inspired me with their determination; above all, they helped me to believe in myself. I know that I will take everything I’ve learned with me into the next chapter of my life as I pursue a career in public relations. To my family and friends – I could not have done this without your love and support. Forever Go Blue!

Adam Bernstein

Major: Cognitive Science

Take it to the Hole, and Listen to J Cole

Whenever I tell fellow students that I am a minor in writing, I often get the same response: "I didn't even know that existed, I totally wish I had done that!" Their jealousy has been proven to be accurate, as some of the most valuable academic lessons that I have learned through my time at Michigan have come through this program. In such a big school, it is often times difficult to cultivate any sort of relationship with your peers and professors inside of the classroom, and it was especially challenging given the virtual nature of my junior year. The minor in writing program has given me an opportunity to do form both, and I would like to thank Shelley and Ray especially for starting and ending my journey in the program in such amazing ways. I am excited to move back home to New York next year and begin my career in marketing, and knowing that I've got a head start when it comes to written communication gives me so much more confidence that I will be set up for success. Forever Go Blue, and thank you for the last two years that this program gave me!

Subarna Bhattacharya

Major: Community and Global Public Health
Minor: Applied Statistics

loving / distance

While I still haven't fully wrapped my mind around the fact that undergrad is coming to an end, I'm overcome with gratitude for the people I have met and the things I have learned along the way. More than anything, I'm grateful that my childhood passion for writing was able to find a place in my undergrad education and extracurriculars. Joining LHSP as a freshman allowed me to take classes with Raymond and Shelley, two incredible Sweetland members, and these courses motivated me to apply for the Minor in Writing. I am so glad I did because every class I have taken in this program has challenged me in new ways and has led me to view my writing through a more creative and critical lens. Along with that, I'm immensely grateful to have gotten to know my peers in the Minor, especially this year through the Capstone class. Every one of them brought so many intelligent and thought-provoking ideas to the table during each class period, and I am so happy we got time together in person amidst this pandemic. I have felt myself grow as a writer throughout the past few years, and I cannot wait to see how this passion will continue to fit into my personal and professional endeavors for years to come! 

Raegan Blue

Major: Biochemistry

My Own Research

Kristen Boudreau

Major: English


William Frederick Brown

Major: Public Policy


I must admit that I applied to the Minor in Writing on a bit of a whim. Some of my friends that were graduating from the Ford School recommended the program to me when I declared my Public Policy major, so I took a look at the website and submitted my application. I am incredibly happy that I made that choice, as the program has been the only place in my academic career where I could truly explore writing as a medium with little to no limitations on how I endeavored to write. As I head off to law school next year, I know that the skills and confidence I have gained as a writer will serve me well throughout the rest of my academic career. I am incredibly grateful to my professors, especially Professor McDaniel, and to my amazing peers who pushed me to be a better writer everyday through their inspiring work. Thank you to Sweetland for such and amazing opportunity, and for allowing me to grow as a writer and as a student. Go Blue!

Emily Buckley

Major: Communication & Media
Minor: Art & Design

Pieces of You

Despite having 2022 on my mind for so long, graduation has snuck up on me. While I definitely don't want my college years to end, I feel like my time here has prepared me to keep moving forward. My studies, especially the Sweetland Minor in Writing, have allowed me to pursue my passions and write what I care about. It now seems so far away that I came into college not even considering myself a "writer." But after one class with Shelley Manis during my freshman year, everything changed, and I joined the Minor in Writing program. I now feel more confident than ever in my writing abilities, and this program has helped me to explore this confidence in so many ways. I've been lucky to take classes with multiple Sweetland instructors who were always so helpful as I tackled a plethora of writing forms. As a senior, my capstone class withT Hetzel allowed me to combine my love for writing and art in creating a children's book, which has been a lifelong goal of mine. Now that I'm graduating, I can't wait to keep working on the projects that I love and make sure they find their place in the world. Having spent four years studying what I love, spending time with my closest friends, and calling Ann Arbor my home, I feel ready to see what's next. Go Blue, always!

Sammy Cole

Major: Organizational Studies
Minor: Business

Passion Pod

The Minor in Writing has been the most rewarding part of my U-M curriculum. It allowed me to make time for the things that matter most to me — forcing me to write, imagine, create. I am so beyond glad that I got to be a part of this community. Thank you to Shelley, for being such an honest, supportive and creative leader in both my Gateway and my Capstone. Thank you Nick Harp for inspiring me to write about the things I have been too afraid to say. Thank you to my insanely talented and welcoming peers for being vulnerable, thoughtful and energizing in all of our classes together. I <3 writing!

Cherish Dean

Major: Organizational Studies

A Cure for Commencement

I'm a transfer student, and not just that, but one who began my first semester at AA in Fall 2020. I applied to the minor as I was also applying to Org Studies and to the university as a whole, and I couldn't be more grateful for the community fostered in my gateway course that Fall and carried forward in every course and activity I've had tied to Sweetland since. It has allowed me to maintain my love for writing as a key part of my university experience and education, and it has provided me with an opportunity to learn from and grow alongside immensely creative and dedicated peers. I have no immediate plans postgrad, but I am excited to continue expanding upon the project began in my Capstone course this semester, and I'm certain the things I've learned over the past two years will support me and my work for years to come. Forever and always: thank you!

Madylin Eberstein

Majors: Linguistics; American Culture
Minor: Czech Language, Literature, and Culture

Your Life Sucks

Completing the Minor in Writing was the perfect way for me to explore many genres and formats of writing (more than I ever though possible!) at such a formative period in my life. I feel strongly that, in addition to being able to investigate my initial intellectual interests, my Minor in Writing has blossomed into an appreciation of blogs, short stories, poetry, film, and video that will define the rest of my life. However, I am most grateful for the capstone course and the opportunity to dedicate an entire semester to entombing my cryptic philosophies forever on the Web, and for all the delightfully strange and creative individuals I was able to meet through the program.

Danielle Fink

Major: Political Science

Dis(Ability) and the Love that Grows from It

Priscila Flores

Major: Environment (PitE)

where my heart lies

The swift arrival of graduation caught me by surprise. I feel grateful, frightened, yet ultimately, fulfilled by my undergraduate experience. Reflecting on my time at the University of Michigan brings clarity to the value of joining Sweetland's minor in writing. Through the program, I have met such kind, genuine people; both peers and faculty members. Forming connections with others who share a passion for writing in an environment that encourages constant evolution has been an honor. Thank you to all of the incredible professors and fellow writers who had a hand in transforming me as a person and as a creator. Despite not having a clear future ahead of me, I know for certain I will enter a field that allows me to write extensively, preserving the passion I have cultivated my entire life and especially during these past few years. I am forever appreciative of the lessons and experiences gained in the Minor in Writing and my undergraduate career as a whole.

Lauren K. Foulks

Major: Psychology

Finders Keepers

Deciding to go for the minor in writing was one of the best decisions I could have made during my undergraduate experience here at the university of Michigan. These classes have given me so much creative freedom and agency that I know I wouldn’t have gotten elsewhere. I will always be grateful for the wonderful people I’ve met along the way. Everyone I’ve encountered in the minor has been so willing to help and so ready to share ideas with me, which I really appreciate. Long after I forget what I learned in the required classes for my major, I will remember my amazing experience with the minor in writing community.

Sanna Ghafoor

Major: Economics
Minor: Islamic Studies

Madison Hernandez

Majors: Communication & Media; Political Science

Stay Nasty

Olivia Hintz

Major: Earth and Environmental Science
Minor: German 

Mapping Milestones

Although graduating from college feels like an official goodbye to my adolescence, I'm more than excited to see where the future takes me. Throughout my classes for the writing minor, especially during my capstone project, I've often fixated on one theme: the trials and tribulations of the coming of age journey. Now, I'm able to close the chapter to my own — one filled with happiness, heartbreak, loneliness, peace, and every emotion in between. I am beyond grateful for the lessons I've learned here at Michigan, and the meaningful, life-long connections I've been able to form. Not only has the MiW already given me the opportunity to put some of these experiences into words, but has also gifted me the skills to continue sharing them to the world for the rest of my lifetime.

In July, I am heading to Germany for a year-long work-study program through the State Department. My main goal is to become fluent in the language and continue my adventure through different experiences and emotions - all aiding my personal growth. After that, who knows! Grad school, another abroad experience, life on a farm... all are within the potential possibilities. Thank you, Michigan and the MiW, for giving me the strength and independence to explore each and every one.

Andie Horowitz

Major: Sociology — Law, Justice, Social Change
Minor: Gender, Race, and Nation

All The Things We Never Said (private)

After I graduate, I will be moving on from parts of my life that I once considered all-encompassing and defining, but this cycle of entering, giving away and leaving is a life defining process in and of itself. We will always have something that we make our own before it tackles new iterations, new paths beyond our discretions. Friends near and dear to your heart will move and find new people to spend their days with, old lovers will find new partners, old jobs will be filled with new candidates, old homes will be filled with new families to make a life in. And that’s okay.

Because maybe, it’s not about me, or you, or any of us at all. We must decenter ourselves from the places and people we hold close to our hearts — not in a way that diminishes our impact, provoking anxiety and rendering ourselves obsolete. Instead, we must understand that the elements of life we care so deeply about, the things we devote so much time to have marks eternally made on them, our experiences forever embedded into the fabric of its evolution. Nothing can change that.

If something was once ours, even for a moment, we never really lose it. The memories we have may grow fuzzy, yet the feelings they offered us will last forever. The same premise applies to what we offered them.

There’s a warmth in that understanding, a gratification in knowing that what we do is far bigger than we can conceptualize, reaching places we will never know,. And though graduation fosters a stoic limbo of mixed emotions — as if everything in my life is ending and starting all at once — the catastrophic explosion has morphed into one of contentment.

Life is a series of finding things, making them yours and letting them go. I am ready to let my past four years go, knowing that I am moving forward in starting the endless cycle over again.

Bella Jacobson

Major: Communication & Media

Hand in Hand: A Curation of Michigan Art from 2020-2022

Joining the writing minor was the best decision I made during my time at the University of Michigan. Being a creative person, I found it hard to explore this side of myself in my other LSA classes and major classes. I am beyond grateful for the opportunities this minor has led to and I have a tangible project that I am able to showcase in job opportunities. I have gained close relationships with my peers and my teacher that I will remember forever.

Lily Jin

Major: Economics

The Lilys: Dissolving Identity

I delayed getting my minor release until second semester because I didn't want to let go of this minor. Being a student at Michigan can get intense and stressful, but these writing classes always provided a creative playground that felt like recess for my brain. I'm extremely grateful for my time at Sweetland because of how much it's creatively challenged me, all of the wonderful professors who've looked after me, and all of the friends I've made along the way!

Morgan Jonas

Major: Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience

The Daily Dental

Kerri Kenney

Major: Political Science
Minor: French

Coming of Age (password: capstone)

I didn't know that there was still so much room for me to grow as a writer until I started the Minor. From the Gateway until today (as I submit my finalized Capstone project), I've consistently my writing develop in diverse ways more than I ever thought it could. I'm so grateful for my amazing professors and talented peers who have helped me push my perceived limits as a writer and learn so much about my writing and myself in the process!!

Niko Kesson

Major: Art & Design 


As a Stamps student, I never knew coming into this university that I would be anything but an artist. In my junior year, I (sort of arbitrarily, I admit) applied to the Minor in Writing through Sweetland, and have been writing every semester since. I have created some of my most important works in my english classes (thanks to the incredible amount of support from my teachers), and I’m glad the MIW program helped me grow into the person I am now: a graduate who is an artist AND a strong writer. I am grateful to have found that strength and I am excited to go onto the future with the skills I’ve learned.

Lane Kizziah

Major: Public Policy

Dame and Punishment

Looking back at the things I've learned in my past four years of school, nothing comes to mind as quickly as the writing classes I've taken through this program. Not only have they given me the opportunity to write, but they've taught me how to think. Regardless of what I do after graduation, I'm confident that I've learned the skills to communicate well and, more importantly, start to understand the world around me.

Liza Knight

Major: Bassoon Performance

Sagacious Sound

Micah E. Krakoff

Major: Political Science

Trust Me, I'm Not An Expert

The Sweetland Writing Minor taught me more than I could have ever asked, but more importantly, connected me with some of the most thoughtful and passionate students and faculty at Michigan. I became a better writer by reading my classmates work and I felt appropriately pushed in each class to strengthen a new aspects of my skills. I am deeply grateful to the faculty who make up the Sweetland Writing Minor for the constant genuine support and guidance and I know that I am a more capable writer because of their hard work.

Angelina Little

Major: Philosophy, Politics, and Economics

Acts of Love

Looking back on my time at Michigan, I think the work I've done for the Writing minor has been some of the most personally meaningful and impactful. The gateway and capstone courses challenged me in a way different from any other type of academic work, and I'm so grateful for the instructors who nurtured my creativity and pushed me to create something I would be proud of. Writing will be a lifelong project of mine, and I'll always be grateful for the time I dedicated to this craft during my time as a Writing minor.

Margaret Michalowski

Major: History

Her Planchette: An Exploration of Shirley Jackson's Work

I wanted to say thank you to the amazing faculty that made my experience with Sweetland unforgettable! My capstone experience was challenging, but the most fun I've had writing at U-M. Professor McDaniel made this process delightful. I loved having the opportunity to write about what I wanted to, content unrestricted. Sweetland allowed me to explore and grow my writing skills beyond what I had expected from the program, and likewise, it afforded me the opportunity to explore my own interests and learn about myself.

Sydney Moore

Majors: Economics; Psychology

Deconstructing Family: A Tale of Three Strawberry Blondes Bound by Fate and Blood

I am without a doubt extremely grateful for my time at Sweetland. Through both the writing minor and my job as a writing consultant, I've realized how much joy storytelling brings me. When I can see that I've helped a student as a consultant, or that my own writing has had an impact on someone else, I feel more accomplished than I’ve ever felt before. So, while my plans post graduation are not yet certain, I know I am leaving this university with a solid background in writing. Over the past four years I have gained a sense of confidence in my voice, and Sweetland has taught me how to tackle challenges regardless of my previous experience. It is this open attitude that I look forward to applying in all my future endeavors.

Himaja Motheram

Major: Computer Engineering


Sunitha Palat

Major: Business
Minor: Asian Studies

Color Inside The Lines: Dating, Race, and Culture (private)

Coming into college, I was quite excited to go and do the thing: get a business degree, and land a job in the marketing or strategy world. Yet, after a few months I felt myopic and that I had lost aspects of my education that used to inspire me back in high school but were not major parts of a business education--i.e., writing. Applying for the writing minor has allowed me to experience a whole different educational path at Michigan, meet a diverse group of peers, learn from incredible writers and professors, and get back in touch with one of my favorite hobbies and methods of self expression. As I do continue a career in more business-oriented roles, I'm excited to keep this passion of mine close and take all the lessons I've learned through Sweetland with me. Forever Go Blue!

McKenna Sabon

Major: Architecture
Minor: Business


My time at Sweetland has had a greater impact than I ever could have imagined. I've carried the skills and experience from the minor into classes of every subject, into my internships and more. It has been such an honor to be a part of the minor with such talented classmates. I thank my fellow classmates who have woven such beautiful stories, and inspired me in my own work. As I graduate this May with my degree in architecture, and minors in writing and business, I feel freedom in my choices for the future. From the support from Sweetland, my professors and my classmates, I am excited to continue writing in a way that combines my passion for architecture. No matter where the future takes me, I will never stop writing, and I will forever go blue!

Julia Salamango

Major: Evolutionary Anthropology; Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience
Minor: Music

Jean Therapy

The experience of completing the writing minor was a much needed escape from the sphere of scientific writing, and allowed space for me to explore other genres and develop my sense of voice. However, I will no doubt use the skills I learned in effective communication across all of my future writing, regardless of intended audience. Thank you to everyone who read my writing and helped me see my own potential!

Allison Schulkin

Major: Biomolecular Science

Gamification of Life

Nealie Silverstein

Major: Psychology

Life in Plastic

Marc Skriloff

Major: Microbiology
Minor: Science, Technology, and Society (STS)


I thoroughly believe that the Sweetland Minor in Writing has truly been the cherry on top of my undergraduate career. Writing is something I have always been passionate about but never really considered seriously pursuing at the college level until I came across this program. It provided the perfect synergistic opportunity to pair with my major and I found that the freedom and autonomy of the minor allowed me to strengthen my existing writing while simultaneously pushing my creative boundaries to new extremes. Although my entire time in the minor was during the pandemic, I found that the unprecedented times we were living through only fuelled my desire to put my thoughts into words in new and meaningful ways. I have a refreshed outlook on writing thanks to Sweetland, and I have a tremendous amount of appreciation and respect for this program!

Elin Stone

Major: Biochemistry

Burn Your Parachute

If somebody had told me 4 years ago what my life would look like today, I would have laughed in their face. It is so much better than I could have imagined. Coming to this university was quite possibly one of the best decisions I have made. I love the people and community that are found here. The professors have inspired me to become a stronger and more eloquent writer. Everyone has been incredibly supportive and pushed me to become better. While I'm excited to see where the rest of my life leads, I know I'm going to miss this.

Natalia Szura

Major: English; Film, Television, and Media
Minor: German

Head in the Clouds

Amishi Taneja

Major: Public Health Sciences

Narrative Strategies in Pregnancy and Labor

I can hardly believe I'm writing my graduation exit paragraph right now. The past four years have certainly been memorable and I owe a lot of that to the classes I've had the privilege of taking and the people I've been able to meet. As a pre-medical/public health student, writing was not the obvious choice as a minor. I always assumed my passions for medicine and writing were mutually exclusive. The writing minor has allowed me to push the boundaries of science and art to combine all of my personal and academic interests. I would like to thank every Sweetland mentor/professor I have had, all graduating seniors, and my family. I truly wish every student at U-M could experience the magic that is the writing minor and will cherish this experience forever. Go blue always!

Jack Toor

Major: Biochemistry

Discovery of a Violet on an Autumn Day

It feels like just yesterday that I applied for the minor in writing, having no idea what I would write about - I just knew that I wanted to write. My mentors at Sweetland took that ambition and helped me develop into the writer I am today. Raymond McDaniel, Louis Cicciarelli, and Julie Babcock introduced me to some of my (now) favorite authors and gave me the freedom to take their writing prompts in whatever direction I chose. Anytime I felt lost, I knew that help was only moments away from both my instructors and MiW peers. I plan to use my experiences at Sweetland in my future career as a physician, practicing humanistic medicine to embrace the diverse narratives present in all areas of healthcare.

Lauren Trail

Major: Art and Design
Minor: Program in the Environment

Do We Have a Future, Future?

As graduation comes rushing quickly around the corner, I am increasingly grateful. Throughout the past four years I have had the opportunity to grow beyond my art degree and find ways to combine all of my passions for the environment and writing within my creative work. Whether it be inside or outside of the classroom, writing children’s books or making websites, the Minor in Writing program has given me a reminder of the world of writing and the endless opportunities ahead (it’s so exciting!). My experiences throughout my time at Michigan would not be the same without the support of mentors, professors, my family, and peers who have helped me along the way. It seems surreal that I am am about to graduate, it seemed like yesterday when I was taking my introduction classes, but I want to thank everyone for pushing me to see all that I am capable of. My time here will always be cherished and smiled back on. I am excited to see what opportunities are ahead and to take all I have learned out with me into the world! Go blue!

Kara Warnke

Major: Psychology
Minor: English

Tarot '22

I am so excited to be able to have the honor of graduating with this minor. I’ve learned so much about myself and the way I can work creatively that I never would have learned otherwise. I am going to miss the University of Michigan and Ann Arbor to an extent that I cannot even begin to describe in words. I am, however, beyond excited for what the future holds. I’m excited to work to expand access to higher education and all the experiences and lessons that come with it. I cannot thank my friends, my family, my peers, and my instructors enough for all they’ve done for me over the years to lead me to this moment. Being where I am today used to be a dream, but I’m so excited for it to finally be a reality.

Lyndsay White

Major: Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience

Are You Happy Now?: An Investigation of The Individuality of Mental Illnesses in Societal Contexts

These past four years have truly been the worst of times, the best of times. College, as a universal experience, is a terrifying exploration of identity alongside a couple thousand other adults (who, spolier alert: also have no idea what they're doing). As a series of trying on different metaphorical hats, Sweetland classes have been my favorite exploration of identity. My professors and my peers were always encouraging of my pursue of self, and it 's been inspiring to live in a culture where everyone is challenged to find out who they are and their place in the world and how those do (and most times, don't) fit together. I'm grateful to have learned what a community of intelligent, passionate, and thoughtful humans looks like, and I'm looking forward to next year trying to find my own slice of community in NYC.

Jack Whitten

Major: Political Science

They're Hiding The Truth

I had a great time in all my MiW classes, and I'm proud of the Gateway and Capstone projects I came up with!

Thomas Wiaduck

Major: Organizational Studies; Spanish; Linguistics

The Language Learner's Journey: Simple Secrets for Success

To sum up four incredible years at the University of Michigan in just a brief paragraph has proven itself to be one of the hardest tasks I've come across as an undergraduate. In my time in Ann Arbor, I have wholeheartedly embraced the value of an interdisciplinary and liberal arts education, and I am thankful for the intellectual, professional, and person growth I have uncovered along the way. Though I did not initially intend to pursue the Minor in Writing, it came across naturally as my creative spirits continued to flourish my freshman year in the Lloyd Hall Scholars Program (now Lloyd Scholars for Writing and the Arts). In both my gateway and capstone courses at Sweetland, I have been blessed with the opportunity to write on two of my favorite topics, education and linguistics, and I cannot wait to start living these projects out in my next life adventure as an English language teacher in Spain. Graduating is quite bittersweet, and although I will miss my friends, courses, and instructors on campus, I am excited for the next chapter and all that it will bring.

Avery Wolf

Major: Bass Trombone Performance

Classically Conditioned