Geoff Emberling is very happy to announce the launch, in January, of the two-year project entitled “Narrating Nubia: The Social Lives of Heritage” through the University of Michigan Humanities Collaboratory. The project has four faculty leaders: Yasmin Moll, a cultural anthropologist in the Department of Anthropology; Amal Hassan Fadlalla, a cultural anthropologist in Women’s Studies, Department of Afroamerican and African Studies, and Anthropology; and Michael Fahy, a cultural anthropologist and educator in the School of Education. The team is working with undergraduate and graduate students in Anthropology, Classics, IPCAA, and the Stamps School of Art and Design. 

The Kelsey part of the Collaboratory project will involve developing interpretive materials for the site and the village of El-Kurru in collaboration with Sudanese colleagues and our friends in the village. These will include exhibitions on archaeology and local culture, educational materials for local teachers and students in Sudan, a children’s book, and a short film about El-Kurru and the place of archaeology in the community. It is hoped that all of these projects will also have a home at the Kelsey in one form or another.

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