The latest installment of the Kelsey in Focus case, Out-of-Place Ushabtis in Roman Karanis, is now on view. For this small exhibition, Curator for Graeco-Roman Egyptian Collections Terry Wilfong has chosen two ushabtis that highlight how Egyptian artifacts from earlier times were collected and traded outside of Egypt in the Roman period.

The Kelsey in Focus case is located on the first floor of the museum, near the display of ancient glass. Can't make it to the museum? You can also read about this and all previous Kelsey in Focus exhibitions here.

The Kelsey Museum has over 100,000 objects in its collection but can only display a small fraction of them at any given time. The Kelsey in Focus program, initiated in 2018, is a space dedicated to showcasing seldom-seen objects and highlighting the research of our curators, faculty, staff, and students.