This Wednesday, Kelsey Museum Associate Research Scientist Geoff Emberling will be giving a lecture about current archaeological work at the site of Jebel Barkal (ancient Napata) in northern Sudan. The site is being investigated as a joint project of the National Corporation for Antiquities and Museums of Sudan and the University of Michigan. 

The lecture, "Collaborative Archaeology of Kush in Northern Sudan: Recent Work around Jebel Barkal," will present the results of the project's first seasons of work on Meroitic levels of settlement at the site, contemporary with the Roman occupation of Egypt (1st century BCE–1st century CE). Dr. Emberling will also discuss how the long histories of colonialism and structural racism have distorted our understanding of the ancient cultures of Africa and diminished their contributions to world history. 

Visit Stanford University's Archaeology Center website for more information and to register to attend the virtual lecture, which will be live-streamed from Stanford University on Wednesday, May 4, at 3:00 PM ET.