Kelsey Museum Curator T. G. Wilfong has written a lavishly illustrated book on the Kelsey's beautiful and popular coffin of Djehutymose. Dating to 625-580 BC, the coffin is one of the central artifacts of the Kelsey's Dynastic Egyptian collection.  

This elaborately decorated and extensively inscribed coffin belonged to a priest of the ancient Egyptian god Horus.  Using related artifacts in the Kelsey Museum, this book provides the first-ever in-depth analysis of the coffin's images and texts to explore life, death and the afterlife in ancient Egypt.  We follow Djehutymose through his life as a priest, through his death, embalming, and afterlife, and examine his gods and symbols as he undertakes a voyage into the afterlife. Finally we see how his coffin journeyed from ancient Egypt to modern Ann Arbor. 

The book is available for purchase in the Kelsey Museum Gift Shop or by clicking here