Part II of the Kelsey Museum's special exhibition "Karanis Revealed: Discovering the Past and Present of a Michigan Excavation in Egypt" opens Friday, January 27, 2012, with a reception at the Kelsey at 6:00 pm. This installation continues the themes of the first part of the exhibition but turns the focus onto the later periods of the site as well as current and future research. 


Part II of “Karanis Revealed” features new material from Karanis relating to the advent of Christianity there, the site’s final years, the archaeological evidence for the practices of magic at Karanis,  additional items relating to the Karanis economy, and more about the processes of excavation and discovery, along with artifacts from the related Michigan excavation at Soknopaiou Nesos. Highlights of Part II include a rare piece of Roman leather scale armor from Karanis, newly reconstructed and researched, as well as material relating to the research of current U-M students and alumni.


"Karanis Revealed, Part II" remains open until May 6, 2012.