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Modern Greek

Modern Greek Major

Students pursuing the Major study modern Hellenism, with a special emphasis on Greece and the Greek communities of the U.S. They also familiarize themselves with Hellenism's ancient and medieval origins. In addition to acquiring an in-depth knowledge of contemporary Greek language, culture and history, students gain exposure to a number of disciplines by taking courses in various fields and they become aware of distinct methods used in the study of civilizations. Thus the major provides a broad-based liberal arts education and contributes to the development of critical thinking and related skills. The major builds on the great strengths of the Department of Classical Studies and the Program in Comparative Literature, as well as on traditional West European, Balkan, and Mediterranean strengths across the College.

In addition to the learning goals for all majors, the Modern Greek major asks students to:

  • attain advanced fluency in Modern Greek in the four skills of speaking, writing, reading comprehension, and listening comprehension
  • study the language, literature, and culture of Greek-speaking people in the modern period at the crossroads of the Eastern Mediterranean and in diaspora communities
  • explore the diverse fields of history, political science, anthropology, and classical civilization in their intersection with Modern Greek Studies
  • examine transformations of Hellenic ideas, forms, and physical space in modern times

The program also encourages students to pursue an internship in Greece, Cyprus, and relevant offices in Washington DC and other cities in the US to pair their skills in Greek and English with real-life experience outside the classroom. In collaboration with the University of Michigan community, we facilitate access to internships, funding, employers and partnerships offering diverse, challenging opportunities

Effective Winter 2023:

Prerequisites for the Modern Greek Major

GREEKMOD 101 and 102 or equivalent as determined by placement exam.

Requirements for the Modern Greek Major (Minimum Credits for Major: 29)

Requirements for the Modern Greek Major include a minimum of nine courses, distributed as follows:

  • Modern Greek Language — Four (4) terms of Modern Greek language at the 200-level and above: GREEKMOD 201, 202, 301, and 302 (205 and 305 are excluded). Up to three credits of Directed Readings (GREEKMOD 499) may be used with approval of the major advisor.
  • Modern Greek Literature and Culture — GREEKMOD 214: Intro to Modern Greek Culture and three additional courses in Modern Greek Literature and Culture at the 300-level and above.
  • Structure course — One course selected from CLCIV, CLARCH, COMPLIT, HISTORY, HISTART or POLISCI in consultation with, and appoved by, the major advisor.

Modern Greek Minor

This Minor is designed to provide a basic, but contextual and broad, familiarity with modern Greek language, literature, and culture. More specifically, it requires students to study, at the intermediate and advanced level, Greek and its major authors but at the same time it acquaints them with the broader historical, social, and cultural context in which they lived and worked.

Prerequisites to the Modern Greek Minor

GREEKMOD 201 (or MODGREEK 201), or equivalent as determined by the departmental placement examination.

Requirements for the Modern Greek Minor (Minimum Credits for Minor: 16)

Requirements for the Modern Greek Minor comprise at least 16 credits to be chosen from each of the following three categories as stated:

  • Modern Greek Language and Literature: At least two courses in modern Greek language and literature, above GREEKMOD 201.
  • Modern Greek Culture: At least one broad introductory course (GREEKMOD 302 can be used for this requirement if not used for above requirement).
  • Upper-Level Courses: At least two upper-level  (300- or 400-level) courses investigating more specific culture issues in Modern Greece, such as the Diaspora, travel, Athens, Myth and Cinema, or other topics [e.g., GM 318 - Greek American Culture; GM 325 - Athens: Past & Present; GM 340 - Travels to Greece; GM 350 - Topics.

Any appropriate course taught in the area of Modern Greek Studies in departments other than Classical Studies must be approved by the program advisor and the Chair in Modern Greek.