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Thomas Spencer Jerome Lecture Series

T. S. Jerome and C. L. Freer at the Villa Castello
Bentley Historical Library


By his will Mr. Thomas Spencer Jerome endowed the lectureship which bears his name. It is jointly administered by the University of Michigan and the American Academy in Rome, and the lectures for which it provides are delivered at both institutions. They deal with phases of the history or culture of the Romans or of people included in the Roman Empire, and with other topics in historiography and the philosophy of history and the reception of classical culture.

American Academy in Rome

The Legacy of Francis Willey Kelsey: The Thomas Spencer Jerome Lectures

List of previous lectures:

  • Life and Letters in the Papyri (1936)

              John Garrett Winter


  • Egypt and the Roman Empire

               Alan Chester Johnson


  • Manpower in the Western Roman Empire

               Arthur E. R. Boak


  • Ancient Italy, Its Arts And Peoples

               Gisela M. Richter


  • Aspects of Roman Architecture and Archaeology

               Axel Böthius


  • Greek Architecture in Ancient Italy

               William Bell Dinsmoor


               Sir Frank E. Adcock


  • Christian Architecture in the Roman Empire

                Richard Krautheimer


  • Early Rome and the Latins

               Andrew Alföldi


                Lily Ross Taylor


  • Studies in the Interrelationship between the Indigenous Populations and the Greek Colonists

               Erik Sjöqvist


  • Sketch of a History of Ancient Italy before its Romanization

               Massimo Pallottino


  • Men, Methods and Materials: Some Practical Aspects of Roman Architecture and Sculpture

              John Ward-Perkins


  • From Croesus to Constantine: The Cities of Western Asia Minor and Their Arts in Greek and Roman Times

               George M.A. Hanfmann


  • Freedom of Speech and Religious Freedom in the Ancient World

               Arnaldo Dante Momigliano


                Jacqueline De Romilly


  • Crime and Punishment in Antiquity

                Cornelius Clarson Vermeule III


  • Cosa: The Making of a Roman Town

                Frank E. Brown


                Mario Torelli


  • Roman Copies of Greek Sculptures: The Problem of the Originals

                Brunilde Sismondo Ridgway


  • A Cultural Program for the Roman Empire: Art and Architecture in the Augustan Age (1990)
  • The Power of Images in the Age of Augustus: translated by Alan Shapiro: Examines the imperial mythology that was reflected by Roman art and architecture during the rule of Augustus Caesar (available in paper)

              Paul Zanker


  • Antiquity in the Historical and Political Reflections of the Eighteenth Century

                Emilio Gabba


  • The Art of Commemoration in the Renaissance

                Irving Lavin


               Claude Nicolet


                Glen Warren Bowersock


  • Mountain and Plain from the Lycian Coast to the Phrygian Plateau, in the Late Roman and Early Byzantine Period

               R. Martin Harrison


  • Before Demaratus

                David Ridgway


               Anthony Grafton


               Fergus G.B. Miller


              Jaroslav Pelikan


  • The Capitoline Ideology (1998-1999)

               Nicholas Purcell


               Joseph C. Carter


  • Public Monuments in Ancient Greece and Rome (2001-2002)

               Tonio Hölscher


  • Copies Without Models: Hellenization and Augustan Poetry (2002-2003)

                Alessandro Barchiesi


  • Architects and Antiquity in 18th Century Rome (2004-2005)
  • Speaking Ruins: Piranesi, Architects and Antiquity in Eighteenth-Century Rome: A study of Piranesi's presentation of classical Roman architecture, through drawings and etchings 2012 (available hardcover)

                John A. Pinto


  • Images and Translations: Greek, Etruscan and Beyond (2006-2007)

               Larissa Bonfante


  • Transformation: Fears and Fantasies in the Roman Empire (2007-2008)

                Maud Gleason


  • Roman Imperialism and the Power of the Media (2008-2009)

                Henner von Hesberg


  • Q. Sulpicius Maximus, Poet, Eleven Years Old (2009- 2010)

                Kathleen Coleman


  • Unswept Floor: Food Culture and High Culture; Antiquity and Renaissance (2010-2011)

               Leonard Barkan


  • Africa Under Rome: Relationships, Identities and Cultural Trajectories (2012-2013)

               David Mattingly


  • Ancient and Modern Equality (2013-2014)

                Aldo Schiavone


  • Ancient Rome in Silent Cinema (2015)

                Maria Wyke


  • The Invention of a Roman God: Anthropology and Roman Relition (2016)

                 Maurizio Bettini


  • The Natural World: Pagans and Christians (2018)

Robin Lane Fox


Amy Richlin


Rubina Raja