How do we address a problem as vast and overwhelming as global climate change? What can we do as a society? Individually?

In the opening act of the first ever virtual UMBS Summer Lecture Series, Dr. Richard Rood addresses these and other pressing questions.


UMBS Director Knute Nadelhoffer's cat, Pushkin, listening intently to Dr. Rood's lecture.


To quell the dread and paralysis that often accompany climate change problem solving, Dr. Rood first discusses tangible strategies for framing the problem, and methods for effectively communicating it to others. He then contextualizes climate change in relation to other priorities and drivers of human behavior, including energy use, standard of living, social justice, and health, economic, and national security.

Importantly, Dr. Rood rejects the notion that proactive climate change mitigation and reactive adaptation strategies exist in opposition. Instead, problem solvers must embrace a “both/and” approach to institutional and individual behavioral change.

Check out the full video of Dr. Rood’s talk, “Framing Approaches to Climate Change Problem Solving” above.

Please join us for the next installment of the UMBS Summer Lecture Series: Dr. Patricia Brennan’s Hann Endowed Lecture in Ornithology on Tuesday, June 30.