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Fall 2016 LSA Magazine Features

Speak for Yourself

Forced to flee the Soviet Union, poet Joseph Brodsky found allies in LSA scholars who fought the restrictions facing writers in the U.S.S.R. by speaking out and providing a venue for silenced voices.

Student Union

More than 40 years ago, a group of students demanded U-M make black student enrollment and academic success a higher priority. After the administration stepped up its efforts, the students created a program to help them succeed once they got here.

Moving Museums

We look forward to visiting LSA's museums in their new homes, the Biological Science Building and Research Museums Center. Until then, take a look back at where they've been in this 200-year history of the LSA museums on campus.

Computer Icons

From head of business development at Alibaba to creator of the Kalido app, Sanjay Varma has made his career knocking down barriers to connect on a global scale.

More Stories from the Magazine

A Purpose Made Permanent
Crossing two centuries to connect to Henry Tappan

The Kindness of Strangers
Each student got a scholarship. Each student gave back.

Sisterhood Is Powerful
A small group of students and faculty first brought Women's Studies to campus in 1971. In 1980 they fought to save it.

Object Lessons
The past and future of U-M’s museums, collections, and libraries.

This Is Where We Lead You
Four LSA appointments by U-M President James B. Angell put Michigan at the forefront of intellectual debate.

The Mothers
Debut novelist Brit Bennett on the gift of time and the importance of community.

Making Small Talk
Adele Goldberg and her Xerox colleagues were working on a revolution of their own.

Twenty Questions with LSA
See if you can score a perfect 200 in our bicentennial survey of LSA milestones and miscellany.

Shape of Opportunity 
As we celebrate U-M’s first 200 years, Dean Andrew D. Martin shares how the College of LSA is working to shape the future.