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LSA Annual Staff Achievement Awards Program

DEADLINE: Nominations, including letters of recommendation or support must be received no later than March 14, 2021.


The College of Literature, Science and the Arts established the annual Staff Achievement Awards Program in order to recognize exceptional staff contributions to the success of the College. The program provides LSA with another opportunity to thank staff for the valuable work performed throughout the year.  In celebration of the University’s Bicentennial Year in 2017, the College expanded and revised the portfolio of achievement-based awards.

Awarded at the College level are the Robin Sarris Outstanding Supervisor Award and the Outstanding Team Award. The Robin Sarris Outstanding Employee Award highlights an outstanding supervisory employee in the College, and in 2017 was renamed the Robin Sarris Outstanding Supervisor Award

Recipients of these awards receive a framed certificate as well as recognition at the LSA Staff Achievement Awards and Spring Fling Event. In addition, a monetary prize of $1,000 is distributed to the individual winner of the Robin Sarris award, and the team award varies based on team size.

Divisional Awards

In 2020, the Kay Beattie Award was combined with the Outstanding Individual Employee Award and has been renamed the Kay Beattie Outstanding Individual Award. The new award focuses on recognizing exceptional contributions with sustained performance by a non-supervisory staff member with greater than three years of service. The Rising Star Award is designed to reward an up and coming LSA employee with up to three years of service in the College.

The Kay Beattie Outstanding Individual Award and the Rising Star Award are awarded by Division (Humanities, Social Science, Natural Science, Undergraduate Education, and the Dean’s Office). Each division will be able to identify a Kay Beattie Outstanding Individual Employee Award winner and Rising Star Award winner such that there could be a total of 10 awardees from across divisions.

Recipients of these awards receive a framed certificate as well as recognition at the LSA Staff Achievement Awards and Spring Fling Event. In addition, a monetary prize of $500 is distributed to each individual winner.

The awards are described in greater detail below.

Robin Sarris Outstanding Supervisor Award

Robin Sarris retired from the LSA Dean’s Office in 2015, after over 30 years of service to the University. This award was renamed after Robin Sarris to recognize her significant contributions to the University, and to the College. The award is presented to a staff member with supervisory responsibility (regardless of length of service) involved in any area of staff work who has made outstanding contributions that go beyond the ordinary fulfillment of the position’s duties.

Outstanding Staff Team Award

Presented to two or more staff members who function as a team and who have taken on time-limited projects that positively impact LSA. The team award is intended for a time-limited project or program (rather than an ongoing and recognized department within LSA) that can include colleagues in a single department or across multiple departments.  

Kay Beattie Outstanding Individual Award

Kay Beattie retired from the LSA Dean’s Office in 2007, after 40 years of service to the University. This award was established in her honor by former Dean Terry McDonald. Presented to an outstanding employee with more than 3 years of service at the University who has been contributing beyond the ordinary fulfillment of duties and taking on increasing levels of responsibility with a significant portion of their career in LSA.

Rising Star Award

The award is presented to an individual staff member (with no more than 3 years of service in LSA) involved in any area of staff work who has made outstanding contributions that go beyond the ordinary fulfillment of the position’s duties.


Any LSA employee in a job title in the Career Family Classification System for staff or AFSCME contract is eligible to receive these awards. Temporary employees, students, faculty, and other LSA personnel are not eligible for consideration. Please note an employee is unable to receive the same achievement award twice unless they are a member of a team. The Robin Sarris Outstanding Supervisor Employee Award is considered equivalent to the former Robin Sarris Individual Outstanding Employee Award, as is the Rising Star Award. Should an individual receive duplicate nominations, they will receive a certificate and no monetary award. Eligibility questions should be addressed to LSA HR. Selection will be based on the information provided as part of the nomination process.

Nomination Process

The Staff Achievement Awards Selection Committee will review all nomination materials.  Copies of nomination materials will be provided to nominees unless nominators opt to not have information shared. All nominees must be in good standing in LSA and have received recent, satisfactory performance reviews. Nominees must be in an active status when the nominations close.

When reviewing nominations, the selection committee will look for examples of sustained excellence and strong performance. Consideration will be given to nominees who have made significant contributions or possess special qualities and attributes as outlined in the criteria for each award.

Nomination forms can be accessed via each of the following links:

Robin Sarris Outstanding Supervisor Award

Outstanding Staff Team Award

Kay Beattie Outstanding Individual Award (Divisional)

Rising Star Award (Divisional)

Nomination Guidelines

All members of the LSA community (students, faculty, staff, alumni, etc.) are invited to submit nominations for an individual or a staff work group/team working in LSA. See eligibility above.

The 2021 Selection Committee will be comprised of staff from across LSA (including two Chief Administrators), a staff member from University Human Resources, and a representative from LSA Human Resources.  The Committee will submit recommendations to the LSA Dean and the LSA Chief of Staff for final approval. Members of the Selection Committee, the Dean, and the Chief of Staff are precluded from submitting nominations or letters of support.

Helpful Tips

If you know staff members who perform their jobs in an exemplary manner or work groups/teams that are highly productive and effective, please nominate them for an award. In completing the nomination questionnaire, please:

  • Be specific–give examples and the details of what your candidate or team/work group has done that meets the selection criteria. While every candidate will not exhibit all of the award criteria, it is possible that certain characteristics or experiences could fulfill more than one criterion.  The more complete a nomination form is, the more information the Selection Committee has to evaluate the nominee’s candidacy.
  • Avoid general statements such as: “the nominee has a pleasant personality,” “the nominee is a seasoned professional,” or “the nominee is always helpful.”
  • Include as much qualitative and quantitative information as you can about the nominee’s work and contributions on behalf of the unit/College:  “the nominee revised a work process that cut response time in half, and improved service to students and faculty”, or “the nominee’s willingness to listen allowed her to successfully resolve conflict.”
  • If you are nominating a team or work group, be sure to list all members and describe how they work collaboratively for the benefit of the unit/LSA. The nomination statement should explain the importance of team effort to the group’s overall success.

Deadline: Nominations must be completed by no later than March 14, 2021.

If you have any questions, please contact LSA HR via email at