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Tracking the Mastodons

The Museum of Natural History’s iconic pair of mastodon skeletons has moved to new digs, bringing to the fore other intriguing changes at the museum and in paleontology research.

- Elizabeth Wason

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Tags: Elizabeth Wason; Natural Sciences; Museum of Paleontology; Museum of Natural History; Research Museums Center; Julia Lubas; Levi Stroud; Natalie Condon; Elizabeth DeCamp

Episode 10: Extinct science trophies

One thing about off-color jokes is that people stop laughing once the secret’s out. When Professor Pamela Raymond received an inappropriate anatomical heirloom from a colleague, she and Professor Deborah Goldberg put an end to the bizarre tradition.

- Elizabeth Wason

Category: Faculty; Research

Tags: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology; Elizabeth Wason; Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology; Audio; Monica Dus

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