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One Better

In a world where terrible things do happen, LSA faculty, alumni, and students turn their talents toward righting some of the world's gravest wrongs. Join three LSA Victors taking on corruption, genocide, and the European refugee crisis.

If at First You Don't Succeed...

...take a job with a multinational consulting firm, quit, form a few groundbreaking tech startups, sell them for millions, ditch a dream job with Google to become the CEO of the hottest social media channel on the planet, resign, launch another business geared toward redefining the personal fitness industry, and tell everyone your secret has a lot to do with the nights you spent getting hecked as a comedian.

(Or, life lessons from Silicon Valley legend Dick Costolo.)

Trial by Fired

When the Red Scare rampaged across campus in the 1950s, three U-M faculty members were publicly hauled to an anti-Communist hearing. All three refused to cooperate with their interrogators. But math instructor Chandler Davis chose a particularly gutsy legal defense, lost his job, served a prison sentence, and emerged browbeaten but willing to fight to get his life back.

More Stories from the Magazine

42.22 N, 83.75 W

Epic Grammer Failz
Go ahead, call it "expresso."

Box of Bones
Always label your horn cores.

The Michigan Difference

The Importance of Being EARNEST
"You can't write a line of code to represent the entire world of experiences."

From the Jaws of Defeat
Students in LSA’s Barger Leadership Institute create their own learning opportunities, 
including some that don’t go according to plan.

Failure, Inc.
What the Exxon Valdez, Deflategate, and James Dean all have in common.

Taking Some Latitude
There's a city called beatOSU?

Picking Up the Pieces
The ancient kingdom of Macedon had zero chill.

Three Views of the Flint Water Crisis
Roommates, water pallets, and tough questions.

Rabble Rouser
"Jonathan Chait needs to be more sensitive," one letter read.

Spin the Cube

The Fab Five @ 25
Revisiting Michigan's dream team.

The aftermath of Volkswagen's "defeat device" a year later.

What happens when a black hole swallows a star?

The Last Word

In the Middle
Being Arab in America