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Individual Award for Outstanding Contributions to Undergraduate Education

The College of Literature, Science, and the Arts holds the excellence of our undergraduate teaching in high regard. To recognize outstanding teaching faculty, the LSA Dean designates a number of Individual Awards for Outstanding Contributions to Undergraduate Education.

Eligibility: All teaching faculty, including lecturers, are eligible for these awards. Nominees cannot have received this award previously, and must not be current members of the LSA Curriculum Committee. For a list of award recipients, please see below.

Evaluation Criteria: This award recognizes faculty members who are exceptionally dedicated to the educational experiences of undergraduates, and who demonstrate this dedication through achievements and innovations in their own and others’ classrooms or academic programs. Examples of achievements for which the award should be considered include:

  • Excellence in classroom teaching in undergraduate courses, as demonstrated by student evaluations, student testimonials, and (if applicable) faculty peer observations or reviews.
  • Outstanding contributions to the undergraduate program through curriculum innovation, creativity in course design, the supervision of student research, or other significant contributions to the quality of the College’s teaching-learning environment.
  • Demonstrated effort to make the classroom an engaging and inclusive environment for diverse groups of undergraduates.
  • Demonstrated effort to spread teaching innovations and best practices outside the home department and across the College or University.

Calendar for Submission and Evaluation of Nominations: Nominations accepted until mid-to-late February. Nominations will be reviewed by the LSA Curriculum Committee, which will recommend an award recipient to the LSA Executive Committee. Each successful nominee will be notified in May and will be presented an award of $3,500 at the beginning of the following academic year.

Note: To honor specific, individual innovations, the Provost’s Teaching Innovation Prize may be more appropriate; the Individual Award for Outstanding Contributions to Undergraduate Education recognizes excellence in undergraduate education more generally.

Documentation Required

Departments with fewer than 30 FTE faculty may nominate up to two individuals; departments with 30 or more may nominate up to three. Please include the following for each nominee:

1. Completed Nomination Form from Chair, Associate Chair, or Director. The Nomination Form will function to introduce the nomination packet, so please do not include a cover letter!
2. Enrollment and grading data for all undergraduate courses that the nominee taught for the past four years—that is, please complete the table below for each nominee. Average grade and enrollment data are available in the Teaching History Report in the LSA Management Reporting System. (Questions about access and questions about the Teaching History Reports, interpreting the data, etc., should be sent to
3. Teaching evaluations for all undergraduate courses that the nominee taught for the past four years. Please do NOT include student comments, but only the numerical ratings. If any student comments are particularly illuminating, we suggest you make reference to them in the Nomination Form.
4. (Optional) Short “testimonials” from up to three former students of the nominee, using the Student Supporting Statement form. If supporting statements are solicited, please consider having the nominee provide the names and email addresses of several students who would make good candidates for this, but in the interest of confidentiality and transparency, please do not ask the nominee to reach out directly to students, and please do not inform the nominee of which students responded. Students who are asked to consider writing a statement should be given an easy way out, e.g.: “Please respond within a week if you have time, opportunity, and desire to write a supporting statement. We will not assume anything about what you think of the faculty member if you do not reply.”
5. (Optional) Up to 5 additional pages of write-ups from faculty peer evaluations / classroom observations of the nominee, or similar supporting documentation.

All submissions should be in electronic form. Paper submissions will not be accepted. Each nomination should be sent as a SINGLE PDF file to Assistant Dean Dorine Lawrence-Hughes ( and Cameron Gibelyou ( Please title the PDF file “Individual Contributions, [Nominee Name], [Name of Nominating Department]”.

Table from #2:

Semester Course Enrollment E&E Q1 Score E&E Q2 Score Average Grade in Course

Sample Evaluation Form

Individual Award for Outstanding Contributions to Undergraduate Education - Recipients

2021 Edward Cho Economics
  Herbert Eagle Slavic Languages and Literatures
  Lorenzo García-Ama Romance Languages and Literatures
  Kate Mendeloff Residential College
  Alex Poniatowski Chemistry
  Elizabeth Roberts Anthropology
2020 Mitchell Dudley Economics
  Cristhian Espinoza-Pino Residential College
  Amy Gottfried Chemistry
  George Hoffman Romance Languages and Literatures
  Christine Modey Sweetland Center for Writing
2019 Katri Ervamaa Residential College
  Ginger Shultz Chemistry
  Miranda Brown Asian Languages and Cultures
  Victor Mendoza Women's Studies, English Language and Literature
  Eitan Geva Chemistry
  Colleen Seifert Psychology
2018 Cynthia Giffen Comprehensive Studies/Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  Stephen Maldonado Chemistry
  John Montgomery Chemistry
  Alexandra Murphy Sociology/Public Policy
  Priti Shah Psychology
  Ruby Tapia English/Women’s Studies
2017 Dawn Hollison Screen Arts and Cultures
  Brandi Hughes American Culture/History
  Dana Nichols English Language and Literature/Sweetland Writing Center
  Kerri Pratt Chemistry/Earth and Environmental Sciences
2016 Jill Halpern Comprehensive Studies
  Josepha Kurdziel Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  Sara Soderstrom Organizational Studies
  Nestor Lopez-Duran Psychology
  Anne Berg History
2015 Carol Tell Sweetland Writing Center
  Gregory Dick Earth and Environmental Science
  Jeremiah Chamberlin English Language and Literature
  Laura Thomas Residential College
  Santiago Colas Comparative Literature/Residential College
2014 Henriette Elvang Physics
  Gina Brandolino Sweetland Writing Center
  Arthur Lupia Political Science
  David Winn Physics
  Ethan Kross Psychology
  Jason Owen-Smith Organizational Studies
  Nicolai Lehnert Chemistry
  Evelyn Alsultany American Culture
2013 Sarah Moss Philosophy
  Arthur Verhoogt Classical Studies
  Paul Barron English/Sweetland
  Farina Mir History
  Yuri Popov Physics
  Nancy Kerner Chemistry
  Bart Bartlett Chemistry
  Patricia Wittkopp Ecology and Evolutionary Biology/Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology
2012 Robert Denver Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology
  Lisa Disch Political Science
  Nesha Haniff Afroamerican and African Studies
  Laura MacLatchy Anthropology
  Richard Meisler American Culture
  Mark Newman Physics
  Christopher Peterson Psychology
  John Wolfe Chemistry
2011 Douglas Trevor English Language and Literature
  Mary Gallagher Political Science
  Dominique Butler-Borruat Residential College
  Masato Koreeda Chemistry
  Fran Zorn Comprehensive Studies Program
  Anne McNeil Chemistry
  Ram Mahalingam Psychology
  Fernando Carreon Math
2010 Aric Knuth English Language and Literature
  Terri Sarris Screen Arts and Cultures
  Mark Hunter Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  Raymond McDaniel Sweetland Writing Center
  Melanie Sanford Chemistry
  Irina Arakelian Mathematics
  Kerby Shedden Statistics
2009 Hashim M. Al-Hashimi Chemistry
  Netta Berlin Classical Studies
  Sarah Burgard Sociology
  H. Don Cameron Classical Studies
  Frederick Peters Residential College
  Robin Queen Linguistics
  Andrew Tomasch Physics
2008 Brian Coppola Chemistry
  Kendrick M. Kelley Sweetland Writing Center
  Julian A. Levinson English Language and Literature
  Edward C. Chang Psychology
  Carl Akerlof Physics
  Maria Rodriguez Residential College
  Diarmaid O’Foighil Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  James Joyce Philosophy
2007 Derek Collins Classical Studies
  Brad Bushman Communication Studies
  Joshua Miller English Language and Literature
  Gavin LaRose Mathematics
  Ian Proops Philosophy
  Sa-Lin Bernstein Physics
  Ctirad Uher Physics
  Andrew Noverr Romance Languages and Literature
2006 Ruth Behar Anthropology
  Robyn Burnham Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  Brian Porter History
  Jean Krisch Physics
  Margaret Shih Psychology
  Shelly Schreier Psychology
  Lisa Kane Low Women’s Studies
2005 Roseanne Sension Chemistry
  Brenda Imber English Language Institute
  Eileen Pollack English Language and Literature
  James Cook History
  Laura Kohn-Wood Psychology
  Gregory Markus Center for Political Studies
  Barry Rabe Program in the Environment
  Terry Wilfong Near Eastern Studies
2004 Andrew Shryock Anthropology
  Philip Myers Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  Rebecca Lange Geological Sciences
  Juan Cole History
  Kristen Moore Mathematics
  David Gerdes Physics
  Mark Mizruchi Sociology
2003 Holly Peters-Golden Anthropology
  Janet Gerson Economics
  Kyger Lohmann Geological Sciences
  Paolo Squatriti History
  Jacqueline Francis History/Art
  Karen Rhea Mathematics
  James Joyce Philosophy
  Maria Rodriguez Residential College