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Problem solving

  Common problems and solutions (05/14/10)
  Frequently Asked Questions (10/15/09)

Application notes

  Fluorine experiments  (08/21/13)
  Kinetics experiments with acquisition of 2 nuclei   (02/03/11)
  Kinetics experiments  (02/03/11)
  DEPT and APT experiments   (01/04/11)
  2D experiments with VNMRJ 2.2   (01/05/11)
  Using the lock channel to get Deuterium spectra  (08/13/10)
  NMR spectroscopy in non deuterated solvents  (08/19/10)
  Gradient shimming non deuterated solvents  (08/20/10)
  Probe tuning with the protune modules  (08/12/10)
  Using Linear Prediction  (07/15/10)
  Solvent suppression with the WET and PRESAT pulse sequences   (07/09/10)
  Practical guide for quantitative 1D NMR  (05/10/10)
  Diffusion experiments  (04/12/10)
  Noesy 1D experiments  (02/15/10)
  Custom-made macros at U of M (02/02/10)
  Homonuclear decoupling (05/22/08)
  Heteronuclear decoupling (08/23/13)
  Referencing heteronuclear spectra  (6/14/06)
  Shimming and locking  (6/15/06)

Training handouts

  U of M NMR Facility Signup Rules (2014)
  VNMRJ Training Guide (2014)
  VNMRJ Training Sheet

Some useful external documents

   Easy, Precise and Accurate Quantitative NMR
   Fast Methods for Small Molecules
   High Resolution Diffusion-Ordered Spectroscopy (HR-DOSY)
   Bruker Almanac 2011

Useful links

Sources for NMR supplies:

Ace Glass
Cambridge Isotope Laboratories
New Era Enterprises

NMR equipment manufacturers:

Bruker Biospin