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Electronics Services

Please contact Douglas Dickey  for all electronic repairs, design work and critical shop needs; also, for items such as swagelock fittings, fuses, etc.  He will work with you to assist in finding a suitable solution. 

A405 Chemistry
930 N. University Ave.
Ann Arbor, MI  48109-1055

Electronics Design

  • Analog and digital circuitry design and assembly
  • PCB Printed circuit board design
  • Microcontroller developmentTemperature control
  • Digital logic computer control of high current devices
  • Constant current sources for electrochemistry
  • Current-to-voltage conversion for PMT, photodiode, mass spectroscopy
  • Light emitting diode LED alternative to deuterium and halogen fiber optic coupled light sources for absorption and fluorescence measurements from Ocean Optics diode array spectrometer


  • Mechanical issues to board level component troubleshooting
  • Centrifuges, shakers, drying ovens, vacuum pump motors
  • Diagnosis and repair of equipment lacking schematic or manual
Capabilities and Example Projects
  • Stir plate speed range control adjustment
  • Bearing condition evaluation and replacement
  • Fabricate custom mechanical components
  • Drying oven mechanical temperature control replacement with electronic digital version

Parts and Components

We combine an understanding of the science of what needs to be measured with the methods available for making those measurements. We offer electronics design, repairs, and parts and components.

  • power cord replacement
  • stir plate repair
  • pH meter troubleshooting
  • mechanical fabrication
  • diagnosis and repair of never-before-seen mechanical equipment and scientific apparatus lacking schematics or manuals

Supporting all University of Michigan campus departments and non-University operations.Servicing both teaching and research needs.

Parts and Components

Fuses, batteries, metal film and surface mount resistors, capacitors, connectors, lamps and bulbs, wire and cable, regulated wall-wart and other DC power supplies, mechanical and solid state relays, leds, breadboards, enclosures, switches, analog and digital integrated circuits, op amps, BNC cables, heat shrink tubing, thermocouple wire, connectors and controllers, servo and stepper motors, variacs.

Available for rebill to University units.

Fees/Recharge Rates

  UM Users External Users
All Services           $32 $192

Updated 3/2/2022

Douglas Dickey  - Instrument Maker / Eshop Specialist 
Room A405
Ph. 734-764-7370