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Dutch Minor

Minoring in Dutch Studies

Prerequisites to the Academic Minor: 
Dutch 111, 112, and 231 or equivalent, as determined by the Department placement examination.

Academic Minor Program:

At least 16 credits to be chosen from the following categories as stated below.

Required Dutch Language and Culture courses (10 credits):

  • Dutch 232: Second Year Dutch, 4 cr.
  • Dutch 325: Speaking (of) Flemish: the language and culture of Flanders, or equivalent,3 cr.
  • Dutch/Judaic 351: Anne Frank in Context, 3 cr.

Electives (6 credits): Two or more courses chosen from:

a. Netherlandic arts:

  • CARILLON 150–Performance for non-SMTD students, 2 cr.
  • HISTORY 328 / MUSEUMS 498: Decolonizing Museums: Colonialism, Collections,and Repatriation; a course with emphasis on Dutch colonial history.
  • DUTCH 339: Independent Study, 2-4 cr.

b. Diaspora studies and race Theory:

  • DUTCH 340–Amsterdam: Negotiating Tolerance, 3 cr.
  • AAS 202–Introduction to Afro-Caribbean Studies (link to Minor focus: DutchCaribbean), 3 cr.
  • HISTORY 357–Topics in African History (link to Minor focus: Islam and SouthAfrica), 3 cr.
  • AAS 444 / ANTHRCUL 414–Introduction to Caribbean Societies and Cultures (linkto Minor focus: West Indies), 3 cr. 
  • JUDAIC 360 / MIDEAST 386–A Global History of the Jews of Spain (link to Minorfocus: Sephardic Amsterdam), 3 cr.

c. Study abroad (max one course)

  • STDABRD 356 (European Union Summer Program in Brussels and Leuven, Belgium) 
  • STDABRD 399 (European Union Summer Program in Amsterdam, Netherlands) 
  • STDABRD 400 (Social Sciences in Amsterdam, Netherlands)

For more information on our Dutch Minor and Program, contact the Director, Annemarie Toebosch.