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Lauren Beck-Solder Futurity in Migration: Women's Memory and Post-National Imagination in Contemporary German Literature  
Pavel Brunssen The Making of "Jew Clubs": Performing Jewishness and Antisemitism in European Soccer and Fan Cultures  
Liz McNeill Speaking Animals: Animal Psychology Between Experimental Science and Imagination (1840 - 1920)  
Emily Gauld Composing the Musicking Woman: Gender and Nation in the Works of Johanna Kinkel  
Domenic DeSocio The Times of Their Lives: Queer and Female Modernism, 1910-1934  
Mary Hennessy Handmaidens of Modernity: Gender, Labor, and Media in Weimar Germany  
Katy Holihan Staging the Somatic: The Popular Hygiene Exhibition in Germany, 1882-1931  
Naomi Vaughan The New Reich Chancellery in Representation. The Intermedial Architecture & Archive of Hitler''s Space of Power.  
Calder Fong Bergbau, Tagebau, Umbau: The Post-Industrial Landscape Aesthetics of Repurposed Coal Mines in Germany  
Emma Thomas Contested Labors: New Guinean Women and the German Colonial Indenture, 1884-1914  
Andrea Rottmann Queer Home Berlin? Making Queer Selves and Spaces in the Divided City, 1945-1970  
Nic Heckner
Embodied Historiographies: Affect and Realism in the "Medal of Honor" and "Call of Duty" Franchises after "Saving Private Ryan"  
Sam Heidepriem
Representative Judgments: Schiller, Fichte and Buchner on the French Revolution  
Elizabeth Nijdam The German Comic Avant-garde and the Legacy of East German Artistic Practice: The Graphic Art of Anke Feuchtenberger and Henning Wagenbreth  
Hannah McMurray Winning New Freedom: Intersections of Text and Image in the Montage, Typographical, and Graphic Design Work of Kurt Schwitters  
Jennie Cain The Aesthetics of Rudolf Steiner and Spiritual Modernism  
Ariana Orozco Memory and Material Culture in Contemporary German Prose by Jenny Erpenbeck and Judith Schalansky  
Kathryn Sederberg Germany's Rubble Texts: Writing History in the Present, 1943-1951  
Simon Walsh Music, National identity, and the Past in Postwar Austrian Literature  
Nicholas Block In the Eyes of Others: The Dialectics of German-Jewish and Yiddish Modernisms  
Solveig Heinz Urban Opera: Navigating Modernity through the Oeuvre of Strauss and Hofmannsthal  
Sara Jackson Staging the Deadlier Sex: Dangerous Women in German Text and Performance at the Fin de Siècle  
Ela Gezen Writing and Sounding the City: Turkish-German Representations of Berlin  
Courtney Crimmons Glore Ruin, Restoration, and Return: Aesthetic Unification in Post-Socialist East Berlin  
Seth Howes Punk Avant-Gardes: Disengagement and the End of East Germany  
Kayte Steinbock Navigating the Individual: Photographic Portrait Typologies in Early 20th Century German Modernity  
Michael Georges Andre Weimar Classicism and the Image of Historical Time  
Jeffrey Paul Luppes To Our Dead: Local Expellee Monuments and the Contestation of German Postwar Memory  
Adile Esen Beyond "In-Between," Travels and Transformations in Contemporary Turkish- German Literature and Film  
Sun-Young Kim Beyond Disintegration. Apocalyptic Discourse in Hermann Broch's Die Schlafwandler  
Jay Michael Layne Uncanny Collapse: Sexual Violence and Unsettled Rhetoric in German-Language Lustmord Representations, 1900-1933  
David M. Choberka Calling, Charisma, and the War of Material: The First World War in the Politics of Ernst Toller, Ernst Junger, and Max Weber  
Robert Felty Context Effects in Spoken Word Recognition of English and German by Native and Non-native Listeners  
Ilka Rasch The Return of the Red Army Faction (RAF): German Tales of Terror  
Avi Kempinski The Muted I: Locating a Narrator in the Works of W.G. Sebald  
Jonathan Otto Wipplinger The Jazz Republic:  Music, Race, and American Culture in Weimar Germany  
Ulrike Peters Nichols Beloved Pain: Male Melancholia at the Fin-de-Siecle  
Seth Quartey Missionary Practices:  German-Speaking Missionaries between the Home Committee and Colonial Environment in the Gold Coast (West Africa) 1828-1895  
Min Zhou Journeys to an Unattainable Destination:  East German Travel Narratives and DEFA Documentary Films About the Soviet Union.  
Marc Edward Pierce Syllable Structure and Sievers' Law in Gothic and Old Norse  
Donovan James Anderson From Conversation to Discipline and Beyond: A Cultural History of Early Germanistik (1790-1850)  
Gita Rajan Labyrinths of the Colonial Archive: Unpacking German Missionary Narratives from Tranquebar Southeast India (1706-1720)